Get a Jump on Dreamforce 2016 with New and Improved Trailhead

August 24, 2016 Jiordan Castle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for Salesforce enthusiasts, that is! Trailhead, Salesforce’s free, self-paced, modular learning tool is back for Dreamforce 2016, and it’s bigger and bolder than ever before. But let’s do a quick recap before I get into what’s new with Trailhead this season.


Learn Salesforce for free

Above all else, Trailhead is a fun, intuitive way to learn Salesforce. Whether you’re an admin, developer, or an everyday user, you’ll get results with Trailhead. There are 3 things to understand in order to get started:

  • Unit — guides you through specific learning objectives for a feature or tool of the platform. Once you’ve reached the end of a unit, there’s often a challenge that ties in all of those learning objectives.
  • Module — comprised of a series of units of a particular topic.
  • Trail — made up of a series of modules all centered on one aspect of the platform.

What sets Trailhead apart from other learning tools is its gamification; to incentivize the learning process (in case you needed yet another reason to learn Salesforce), Trailhead comes complete with points and badges — all of which can be earned simply by completing units. You earn points for completing a unit and badges for completing every unit in a module. Those badges then go on display in your profile, where other users can see and envy your accomplishments.


What’s new with Trailhead this season?

At Dreamforce 2015, Trailhead transformed the Dev Zone into a national park with rangers, a bear, a hands-on base camp, and more. But this year, Salesforce promises that Trailhead will be an integral part of the entire Dreamforce experience. As for Trailhead, there are new modules to explore — whether you’re interested in honing your public speaking skills, protecting your Salesforce org, learning Dreamforce basics, call center integration, or something equally useful.

And for those who’ve waited many months for it, Trailhead has launched this year’s Dreamforce-specific module to help attendees get ready for the conference. This module has everything from networking tips to advice on getting into the most popular sessions…. and of course, quizzes at the end of each unit that won’t make you sick with self-doubt. Plus, once you complete it, you’ll have a shiny new “Dreamforce ’16 Ready” badge to showcase on your profile. (I’ve already gotten mine. It’s your turn!)


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