Get Ready for Google Calendar’s New Look

November 30, 2017 Cynthia Lipkovitch


If you work in G Suite, scheduling your day just got a whole lot easier. Google Calendar is getting a new look, and it’s definitely one we can all be excited about. Calendar’s new interface features a bright color palette with a sleek contemporary design, that will have progressive features to use your time more efficiently.

The view

The new calendar layout has additional views to see the entire year at a glance, show or hide the weekends, or view

daily multiple calendars at once. Administrative users are able to manage multiple calendars at once by subscribing to the specific members calendars and opening each day in a side-by-side view. This benefit makes it easier to schedule meetings that work for everyone on your team. The layout density and color set can be personalized, as can the calendar responsiveness.

More exciting features include:

  • Events now can be quickly added to the calendar by clicking on an empty space on the calendar, and an appointment name, time, and calendar selection can be easily made. (Extra details can be added by clicking on More Options.)

  • Hyperlinks and rich formatting will allow you to link relevant spreadsheets, documents, or presentations to the invite, which will assist in getting all invitees prepared earlier for the meeting, and ensure everything is in one place when the meeting starts.

  • Just by clicking a scheduled event once, all event details can instantly be explored. These details include the entire guest list, rooms and locations, attachments, video call links, and more.

  • Contact information about meeting participants can also be explored by hovering over the names on the calendar invite.

Speaking of scheduling events, the new Detailed Resource Scheduling is a way to make sure you get the exact resource that isneeded for your meeting. Structured Room Information will be the feature that allows specific details to be provided to each resource to describe location and any distinct features that the room may have such as audiovisual equipment, accessibility, and

capacity. Admins can upload the organizations building location, room location, and all resource information into the Admin Console, either manually or through bulk upload. This structured information will show how resources appear in the search results, as well as additional information for resources.

Improving the management of calendar invites, Google has updated the event appearance based on the response. If attendance is confirmed, the event will be one solid color. If the response is a maybe, the calendar event will present with diagonal lines across it. If there has not been a response yet, the event will just be outlined, and finally, if the event is declined, the outline will appear, but the event will be crossed out. Also, deleted events will be available to be accessed and restored in one place under Settings > Trash.

When will this be available?

Google’s new calendar user interface will be available on an automatic rollout on November 14th for Rapid release clients and November 28th for Scheduled release. Manual clients will be able to choose when to move users to the new UI within their Admin console, but keep in mind that all users must be transitioned to the new UI before February 28, 2018. Admins are encouraged to review the provided Guide to successfully rollout this change to their users.

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