Google and : Solutions for business, meet solutions for businesspeople

April 14, 2008 Appirio

Ryan Nichols

Salesforce, meet Google Apps… this is an introduction we’re happy to make and an occasion we are excited to be a part of. As the first partner of both Google Enterprise and, Appirio is excited to see these two leaders in on-demand solutions come together to change the way that business is done.

Salesforce has revolutionized software for business. Their on-demand solutions for business have changed what it means to develop, deploy, customize, and use a business solution. Google has revolutionized software for business people. Their on-demand solutions for business people have un-chained us from our desktop productivity applications and changed the way that business people interact with information and with each other.

The technology of their joint offering is exciting enough: Use Gmail and Gtalk directly from Salesforce. Find and add Google Docs as you work in Salesforce. Synchronize your Google Calendar and your Salesforce Calendar. Create Google Gadgets from your CRM data. We’ve been working closely with our partners at and Google to make much of this possible.

But what gets us excited is how we plan on using this technology to impact the business of our customers. Bringing Salesforce and Google Apps together solves one of the biggest pain points companies have today—the gap between the tools that businesses need to run and the tools that people use to work.

Businesses suffer when the tools that support these two types of activities aren’t connected. First, of course, is the cost in productivity and efficiency—everyone has experienced how much time is wasted copying, pasting, importing, exporting, and plain old retyping to bridge these different tool sets.

But the real cost is misalignment. When the communication and collaboration of business people occurs without the context of business information, or when a business process occurs without the context of communication and collaboration, the outcome is certain: poor decisions, poorly executed.

Traditional enterprise software companies have failed to bridge this gap. The excitement around each new announcement between a traditional provider of solutions for business (e.g., SAP) and a traditional provider of solutions for business people (e.g., Microsoft) quickly fades to disappointment and failed expectations. This failure is inevitable because on-premise software is too inflexible to bridge this gap. The simple fact that enterprises would have to spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade to recent versions of SAP and Microsoft before thinking about joint solutions dooms the effort.

On-Demand changes all of this…again.


Today’s announcement and the future

On-demand solutions offer the potential to finally the bridge the gap between the tools that businesses need to run and the tools that people use to get things done. That’s what makes today’s announcement so exciting. Building on the platform salesforce and Google are providing, Appirio is delivering four new products that allow Salesforce and Google users to easily synchronize calendars, collaborate on marketing campaigns, find and embed documents, and create and share customized CRM dashboards. In addition, we have expanded our services for Google and salesforce customers to leverage these new offerings.

At Appirio, we’re already using Google and Salesforce together to change how our customers do business:

  • Helping account teams collaborate in the context of their customer information in Google Documents and Sites
  • Helping marketing teams coordinate their campaign timelines using Google Calendar
  • Helping service and support teams leverage a knowledge base of their collective experience, captured in Google Documents and Sites

Over the past several months, we have helped numerous customers, including, benefit from Google Apps. Creating products and services to bring Google and Salesforce together in the enterprise provides Appirio a unique perspective. We believe that on-demand offers a way for providers like, Google, and Appirio to create compelling solutions for customers that cannot be matched by the rigidity of the on-premise approach. While this future may take time to reach all parts of the market, we believe it is inevitable and every enterprise needs to find a path to that future. We look forward to doing our part to help….

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