Google Hangouts Chat: Reinforcing Collaboration

August 2, 2018 Cynthia Lipkovitch

Google has a new app — and you are going to want to pay attention to this one, as it is the powerful way to communicate directly one-on-one, as well as with teams in your organization. Hangouts Chat is Google Meet’s business-focused chat sidekick that takes interacting to a whole new level, with advanced integration features and bots that can improve 

workflow processes. 

Hangouts Chat is a great addition to the Google Apps family, as it allows easy and efficient collaboration, while combining the work from the Google Drive family and allowing on-the-spot video conferencing through Meet. Work together by uploading Drive files from Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and join a Meet to discuss details further. Use Google search to look up details on room members, past conversations, or shared files. 

Streamline communication

Communication is easier through Chat because multiple conversations can be had through one-on-one direct messaging — or create a room and have ongoing conversations with groups of people. Virtual rooms allow multiple people to join and leave at will and have multiple threads to allow different topics to be discussed at the same time. Referencing back to the threaded conversations makes it simple to track progress and follow-up on tasks by mentioning the room members that are assigned to that project. 

Chat can be easily accessed at in your browser,or it’s also available in the Chat mobile app for Android and iOS systems. Conversations easily flow as messages are synced as you move from device to device throughout the day. Chat has a keyboard shortcut interface and currently supports 28 languages. Each room can support 8,000 members. Screen readers such as JAWS, Voiceover in Chrome, or ChromeVox, TalkBack, and Voiceover are also supported.  

Chat bots

Hangouts Chat is equipped with bots to make your processes easier. Chat comes equipped with 25 bots to help speed up workflow. These bots offer applications that run automated tasks, ranging from Finance to Human Resources, CRM, Project Management, and more. Chat’s bots integrate directly with G Suite Apps. You can use the Meet bot to handle requests to schedule, modify, or cancel meetings, as well as look up what today’s schedule looks like. The Drive bot allows you to receive notifications about activity in your Drive. 

Hangouts Chat is included in all G Suite editions and provides a great way to communicate with your team. It is an exciting new way to easily share ideas, converse about ongoing topics, and let bots help you handle your workload. 

Conducting business meetings and getting work done with Google helps nurture collaboration and worker engagement. Read more on our Appirio Hub about how we can help your organization implement Google Hangouts Chat and G Suite.

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