Google’s New Team Drive Promotes Synergy and Communication

July 19, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

“When you form a team, why do you try to form a team?
Because teamwork builds trust, and trust builds speed.”
– Russel Honore

A few months ago, Google’s G Suite world got a little bigger when Google Team Drive was enabled and made available to customers. Where Google My Drive is accessible by one owner alone, Team Drive is a unique new tool that’s shared by an entire team of people. These shared online spaces are used for easy access to files from anywhere, on any device, for anyone on the team.

Qualifying for the team

This new Google tool was created by re-writing and reconfiguring the technology behind My Drive, so the Team Drive is available on limited access, through Google’s Early Adopter program. Appirio is one of the first companies to utilize Team Drive.

There are only a couple stipulations for companies to use the Team Drive tool. You must have either G Suite for Business, or G Suite for Education already set up in your office. Only then can G Suite administrators enroll their entire primary domain. This means that the entire company will be on the same Team, at first, until administrators can update individual permissions.

The pay-off

Fortunately, this new Google feature is simple to set-up, only taking ten minutes of the administrator’s time. If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity to share your files with your team, now you have the ability to transfer the files from your personal Google Drive to Team Drive.

Because it’s easy to manage and adjust permissions to the files within Team Drive, you’ll never lose important information. Managers have access to control who has permission to edit, comment, reorganize, and delete files. Even better, if team members join or leave the unit, the files in the Team Drive stay exactly where they are, so your team can finish their work.

Another benefit of Team Drive is the Quick Access feature that allows for easy search capabilities. Before Quick Access, workers would need to tag every file with important metadata, which would get time-consuming. Now, employees can quickly and easily use the search function to find the file they need.

The ease of Team Drive will impact every department within your company, from Human Resources to Finance. For example, utilizing Team Drive will make new hire onboarding smoother. Giving your new employees instant access to new hire documents, files, and other important information will mean easier transition into their new position.

The strongest benefit to Team Drive is that it removes barriers that cause silos to form in companies — opening up communication, and making information available to everyone at once.

Needless to say, Team Drive rounds out G Suite’s ability to handle a company’s needs — creating opportunity for transparency and communication. Team Drive gives workers access to files that help them do their jobs better and faster. And ultimately, granting access to tools your employees need goes a long way to encouraging worker engagement and an improved Worker Experience (WX).

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