Google & Salesforce: What It Means for the Enterprise

September 14, 2018 Braden Larmon

A couple of weeks ago, Appirio was honored to present during the Google Cloud Next event in Stockholm. There were over 50 enterprises at this Salesforce/Google Innovation event, with both local and global attendees. In our presentation, we shared how, over the past 12 years, our partnerships with both Google and Salesforce have been guiding forces in our work to help enterprises with their digital transformation.

A powerful partnership

Since the Salesforce - Google strategic partnership was announced at Dreamforce in 2017, Appiro’s conversations with our customers have continued to grow and drive broader strategic implications. 

From the moment the announcement was made, Appirio and our clients have leveraged the power by combining the best of what Google and Salesforce have to offer:

  1. Manage IoT devices through Google Cloud IoT Core. By pushing the data up to Salesforce (Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud), where IoT data can be combined with customer-relevant data, and business actions can be taken - sell, deliver, service. We’re applying this to a cold-chain solution for the medical-device industry.
  2. Drive mobile workforce efficiency. Clients with large mobile workforces/sales teams are now using Google Cloud Platform (Dialogflow, Firebase, Cloud Functions) to have conversations with a bot around business processes managed in Salesforce to update tasks, opportunity and maximize time.
  3. Maximize marketing dollars via creation of campaigns in Google Marketing Cloud (aka DoubleClick), measure results using Google Analytics 360. By feeding the outcome into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, where this data is enriched and analyzed. Both B2C and B2B customers are seeing tremendous value, as they continue to mature the customer journeys.

These are just a few of the ways our customers are targeting their POCs and Enterprise adoption, as they go through their digital transformation. With Appirio sitting smack dab in the center of where design and technology intersect, Google and Salesforce partner with us to accelerate the journey

At Appirio, we help customers improve their Worker & Customer experiences, through our outcome-oriented consultants who bring the latest digital thinking and unmatched cloud experience. 

Want to learn more about how Appirio can support your Google and Salesforce needs? We’ll be at Dreamforce answering all your questions. Or you can access all of our Salesforce and Google resources on the Appirio Hub.

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