Happy 15th Birthday, Gmail!

April 10, 2019 Rancho Iyer

Did Graham Bell know that he opened a flood gate of innovations from the telephone, which has now evolved to wireless and mobile versions, with touch screens and multiple applications loaded into one small device?

Similarly, will emails look the same, or are they on the path to something revolutionary? 
Gmail, when it came out, was a high-speed communication path to send simple messages from a very user-friendly UI. Google search had by then earned strong trust from the world, so users were quick to adopt Gmail. 

Gmail Inbox over the years grew bulky and voluminous for business users. Imagine having to start a work day with 80+ emails (at a minimum) where few of those emails were basically a reply-all to correct a typo. 

<Sorry hit send too soon .. here’s my continuation> 

<Deployment is not complete> 
I meant deployment is now complete. 

<John has resigned today>
Sorry, that is a typo, I mean Jon, as in Jonathan. 

Email features have since evolved into Smart Reply and Smart Compose. The next wave of modernization has brought Confidential Mode, which not only lets you send confidential content via email but also lets you set an expiration time for your messages. 

With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) emails, we’ll see another round of innovative options to make emails more efficient and laser focused.  Here’s more about what that means:

AMP  is a technology known for developing super fast web pages on mobile clients. AMP is a set of HTML tags backed by JavaScript that easily enables functionality with an added focus on performance and security. There are AMP components for everything from carousels, to responsive form elements, to retrieving fresh content from remote endpoints.

The AMPHTML Email format provides a subset of AMP components that you can use in email messages. Recipients of AMP emails can view and interact with the AMP components directly in the email.

With AMP components, emails can now display dynamic content quickly, reducing the overhead in receiving multiple emails: When multiple Calendar Invites show up in your inbox, for example, telling you “Invite is out of date” or an event updated to be a recurring event. This clutter can now be avoided and updated dynamically within a single email, which opens up several options for the commercialization of emails and marketing content. 

This list highlights  recently released Gmail features that add valuable user experience to enterprise users: 

Schedule Emails to be sent later 

Email smart-compose are personalized based on your style of writing 

Viewing threaded conversations in Gmail inbox 

Confidential Mode 

Customizable actions using Swipe to organize your inbox within the mobile app

Dynamic Gmail in beta 

Right-click context menu within Gmail 

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