Happy Workers, Happy Customers: The Virtuous Cycle

March 13, 2017 Nicole Klemp

Companies like Google and Facebook seem to have mastered the balance of happy workers and happy customers. But while most organizations lack the budget and scale that these tech giants have, delivering a great Customer Experience (CX) and Worker Experience (WX) is still very achievable — regardless of company size or industry.

What many business leaders mistakenly assume is that customers and workers have vastly different needs, and that transforming them should be treated as 2 separate endeavors. The truth is, CX and WX are part of a complementary relationship we call the Virtuous Cycle. And like any good marriage, both parties should each be treated with equal importance, and transformations should occur simultaneously.

Workers and customers want the same things

Consumers today rely heavily on mobile apps and social channels, and are empowered with endless amounts of real-time information. They expect a seamless, digital, and hassle-free brand experience. On the other side of the coin, those very consumers are the same people who make up today’s workforce. And as workers, they want that same type of digital experience from their employers.  

Empowering and engaging workers with modern tools and processes can lead to increased productivity, business growth, and better interactions with (happier) customers. But many employee experiences lag far behind the experiences being created for consumers. Traditional HR service delivery no longer meets the needs of this modern workforce. Employees want the power to engage — and be engaged — with consumer-grade mobile apps, real-time collaboration and feedback, and social communities.

Turn your workers into brand advocates

Employees are a primary conveyor of your brand. They’re the ones in the store, out in the field, on the phone, and online — interacting with your customers. So it’s vital that organizations have a simple, clear method for keeping the brand alive in the attitudes and behaviors of their employees. Much like with CX, focusing on an improved WX can create an army of brand advocates and a network of fans. Even when employees leave, a positive, engaged company alumni will continue to be a strong advocate.

Forbes recently asked several clients and CMOs a simple question: “What is standing in the way of you achieving your brand goals and ambitions this year?” The top response was the notion that if employees don’t buy into their company’s brand promise, they won’t be able to deliver a great CX … and in turn, they’ll fail. Leaders who make culture and worker happiness a priority are seeing higher approval ratings and more brand advocacy from employees. At In-N-Out Burger — a company known for great customer service — 91 percent of reviewers on Glassdoor would recommend working there to a friend, further proving the strong correlation between WX and CX.

Make technology a natural part of the work environment

WX is about building a platform for employee engagement and fostering an open and thriving company culture. Engaged employees are better able to work independently, while remaining connected to the company’s larger mission and shared goals. The technologies that enable today’s modern workers not only need to be consumer grade, but also a natural part of the workers’ daily environment.

Learn more about the Virtuous Cycle in our ebook, The Virtuous Cycle: A Symbiotic Relationship Between Worker and Customer Experiences.

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