Hispanic Heritage Month: Finding Your Own Heaven on Earth

September 24, 2020 Donna Da Cruz Lloyd

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, I would like to dedicate this post to my father Joseph M. Da Cruz. 


My father was a soccer star protégé who sought political asylum in the 1960s.  


He was grateful that he had a way to get to the US. He talked about coming here to escape war How it was a great decision How he cried seeing snow for the first time... How he had trouble mastering English right away 


He loved his family and gave me the opportunity to have a better life through education, hard work, and dedication. He would remind me that this is the land of opportunity. Although inequality and injustice rears its ugly head from time to time, we should always seek the good.  


Be proud of your heritage and who you are. Do not be afraid.  


As a Latina working in the technology industry, this always rang true for me. Blaze a trail for others and you will love your future self.  


This is a photo of my dad and me, sitting on his lap eating an orange. My dad didn’t like sweets but as a little girl we would have an orange every day. 



I once asked him, “Why… is that your dessert? 


And he told me as a little boy he was starving on the streets of the ghetto when he saw a man walking eating an orange. As the man dropped peels on the ground, he followed him to pick up and eat the rinds.   


Every day he would wait in the same place hoping to get a glimpse of that man, to follow him in hopes of tasting an orange. Sometimes the man left a little citrus behind on the peels that were dropped. To my father, that was great day.    


When he came to America, when he first went to a grocery store, he was in awe that there were so many oranges! He was amazed that you can buy an orange any day of the year.  


This was his vision of Heaven. 


As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, may you taste the sweet nectar of your personal orange. My wish for you is your own version of heaven on earth.  


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Donna Da Cruz Lloyd

Donna Da Cruz Lloyd joined Appirio in 2014 and is the Head of Hunting Sales in America. She possesses customer and worker experience, with a relentless focus on innovation, as well as a diversity and inclusion champion.

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