How Appirio Impacts the Financial Services Cloud

October 9, 2018 Derek Heim


Appirio has made leaps and bounds in cloud technology within dozens of industries over the past few years. From higher education to pharmaceuticals, we have left a trail of satisfied customers and engaged workers. We do this by daring to go outside of the box. We proudly explore innovative options and strategic solutions. We want to know how to solve your organization's problems before you know they exist.

This is where Appirians like Dan Nolan come into play. Nolan, an Enterprise Account Executive, is a creative strategist, business process engineer, and cloud technology architect, focused on translating strategic business needs into practical cloud-based solutions that engage the user and facilitate best work practices, effective decision-making, and efficient process execution focused on elevating the Worker and Customer Experience. He is also our Financial Services Cloud expert.


We interviewed Dan to gain insight into how Appirio is changing the world of finance, and what we can do to prepare for these changes.


Question 1: How does the Appirio and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud partnership benefit our clients?


DN: Financial Services Cloud is about more than just wealth management and banking (which it does really well). It's about a deeper understanding of your clients by creating a more robust view of their personal and financial picture. You can understand a client's household, their relationships with other people and organizations, their financial holdings and goals, and their policies all in one easy-to-understand view. At Appirio, we know how to best leverage the capabilities of Financial Services Cloud, targeted to the unique needs of insurance organizations. We also provide Sales and Service agents more reliable, streamlined information delivered at the right time. Appirio also understands where Salesforce stops and other services take hold (i.e. Guidewire), and the ability to seamlessly tie together an organization's tools makes your agent's workloads more efficient while exceeding your customer's expectations.


Question 2: What industries can be highly affected or impacted through an FSC implementation?


DN: Wealth Management - FSC's first iterations were focused on personal, high touch relationship management within the Wealth Management realm. Getting a clear view of a customer's household, business holdings, relationships, and financial goals were paramount to delivering a robust product to the industry.


Retail and Business Banking - Quickly following that, was the idea that a more robust banking model would be needed to bring that type of white-glove service to Main Street. Now, every customer can feel like they are truly important and their needs are being met by their banker.


Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) - When you take all of those critical elements of dynamic B2B relationships, complex organizational hierarchies, financial holdings, etc and bring them to a level of large and sometimes multinational organizations, it gets quite complex! With the power of Financial Services Cloud, it becomes easier to discern all of these complexities into simple views of the customer. What's most important though, is that we are also able to track complex Capital Markets activity and do so securely by ensuring the system is set up to prevent unwanted eyes from prying on an organization's plans (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, IPOs).


Insurance - Last, but certainly not least, those key tenets of Wealth and Retail Banking carry over nicely into the Insurance vertical. Understanding my client's needs, dreams, and financial goals, coupled with a firm understanding of their financial picture allows insurance companies to track assets and policies against those assets, as well as outfit customers with investment guidance. Policy Management becomes streamlined. Enable your customers to access to knowledge base around what's relevant to them, and wow them with the digital capabilities they expect from their providers.


Question 3: How can FSC impact the insurance industry?


DN: By combining an unparalleled view into a customer's complete profile, insurance companies will be better suited to serve the needs of their clients in a compliant, easy to understand way. You get all of this out of the box with Financial Services Cloud, so your speed to market for bringing on new, exciting digital tools to your agents is rapidly accelerated. Self-service portals that enable ease of access to their policy information, where they stand with a claim, and much more.  Understand key life moments for your customers and how to best react to them.


Guidewire, a popular tool in the insurance space, announced a strategic partnership with Salesforce to bring the best of their tool to the Salesforce Platform. Get unprecedented insight into their policies and provide more robust service through the platform that your agents and customers will love. Leverage the power of Einstein AI for deeper and richer analytics, more powerful customer intelligence, and of course needs-based referrals and product recommendations. Use the power of the platform to provide power workflow tools and automated notifications. Extend to mobile devices to give field agents more power at their fingertips. Streamline customer claims by leveraging Lightning Flows, or increase customer acquisition through easier onboarding processes, built declaratively on Salesforce.

Do you want to learn more about how Appirio is constantly changing industry upon industry? Check out our Hub, filled with countless other Salesforce and Google resources!

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