How Cargotec is Using G Suite to Work Differently

December 4, 2017 Nicole Klemp


As their industry has evolved and the need to automate processes has become essential, Cargotec needed to find a way to transform their Worker Experience. They wanted to tear down the silos that existed in their organization, and move away from the costly on-premise systems they’d been relying on. By partnering with Appirio to implement G Suite, they’ve not only changed their internal processes and the way they communicate, but they’ve changed the worker mindset.




Managing change

Managing the change that comes with rolling out a new platform or initiative is (understandably) a top priority for companies like Cargotec. While moving to G Suite has many obvious benefits (i.e. protected, user-friendly sharing capabilities, an entirely mobile-friendly suite of apps for anytime use on any device, etc.), moving to the cloud comes with changes that will impact your entire workforce. Here are a few questions to think about when considering a move to G Suite:

  • What is our current technology situation?

  • What areas need to be improved?

  • How will switching to G Suite elevate our Worker Experience?

  • How does Google protect our privacy and secure our data?

  • What will happen to our old email data when we migrate to G Suite?

  • How will we adapt to changes and ensure a successful adoption of the new system?

Choosing the right partner

The technology itself is only part of the equation — having the right people and processes in place are equally important to a successful deployment and user adoption. Find a Google partner that can help you ask the right questions and can work with you to design a strategy that fits your unique needs.

As a Google Premier Partner, Appirio has an experienced team of deployment specialists, architects, and change management experts, and is responsible for some of the largest, most complex G Suite deployments in the world.

Thinking about going Google?

Check out Appirio’s Guide to Going Google to discover more about the capabilities, benefits, and things to consider before moving to G Suite.

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