How Cloud Technology Can Help Improve the Recruiting Process

January 13, 2016 Jiordan Castle


digital recruiting

According to LinkedIn’s 2015 Talent Trends report, more than 80 percent of job-seekers say the interview experience can influence their decision about joining a company. Between employer review sites like Glassdoor and plain old word of mouth, today’s companies can’t afford to ignore the candidate experience.

Just as technology can do wonders for the onboarding process, digital tools can add greater depth to the candidate experience by providing a more intuitive means of communication, easy-to-understand pre-screening assessments and screening questions, and better applicant tracking — all things many existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) tend to complicate. Digitally transforming the recruiting process doesn’t just help find, woo, and retain job candidates; it simplifies the process for your hiring teams too.

Workday Recruiting: mobile-first, user-friendly recruiting

Modern job hunting and applying happens online. An ATS is important because it enables companies to keep up their end of the digital dialogue. The problem is that most of these systems — designed to make it easier to sift through dozens or hundreds of applications — are cumbersome and can muddy (or completely leave out) critical information, screening out an otherwise ideal candidate. Even a great recruiting tool still needs a human’s touch, and an ideal one needs to be accessible at anytime across all devices.

Workday Recruiting, a new addition to Workday’s suite of cloud-based HR and Financial Management apps, is an end-to-end talent acquisition app designed with with a mobile-first mentality. One of the most user-friendly things about the app is that it’s persona-based in such a way that it caters specifically to hiring managers and the entire recruiting team. Most talent acquisition systems prior to Workday were used solely by recruiters and applicants, mainly because neither had an alternative.

Not much has changed in the recruiting game in years, so a sleek mobile app designed specifically to fit the needs of a hiring team is a hot ticket for both sides of recruiting — companies and applicants alike. Appirio has already done over a dozen deployments of the app, and Workday themselves have had great success unifying Workday Recruiting with Workday HCM in order to streamline the recruiting process and provide full visibility during every stage — from planning to sourcing, selection, and onboarding.

Collaboration features and actionable analytics

In the past, recruiting data was kept in silos, with few ways to make job candidate information or feedback available to other people involved in the process. Workday Recruiting helps close those gaps by empowering the entire hiring team to find, share, follow, and provide feedback on internal and external candidates, and take analytics-based action with headcount planning, job requisition, and pipeline management analytics. Real-time collaboration and communication means higher-quality interviewing and an abbreviated timeline — 2 things prized by busy hiring teams and sought-after job candidates.

Learn more about today’s competition for talent and workers’ expectations for consumer-grade technology and engagement in the workplace from our ebook, The Future of Employee Engagement. You can find more information on our Workday Practice page.



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