How Crowdsourcing Took Otis Elevators to the Top

October 13, 2015 Jiordan Castle


For over 150 years, Otis Elevator Company has helped people reach the peak of some of our most celebrated structures — the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and even Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, to name a few. And for millions of us, Otis is our main method of getting up to the office every morning. Today, Otis is the world’s #1 elevator maker, with 2.3 million elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks spread across over 200 countries.

Mobility for increased engagement and ease

Otis elevators have a particularly important job. Most of us take at least one elevator ride every single day — either in our office building, at home in our apartment building, or even between floors at a department store. So it’s no surprise that Otis goes almost everywhere we do. They make:

  • Gearless elevators for high-rises
  • A hydraulic line for mid-rise buildings
  • A heavy-duty line for freight
  • Gen2 and ReGen energy-efficient elevators (offering 75 percent energy reductions)

But as a traditional people-moving company established way back in 1857, Otis faced challenges in engaging today’s clients and streamlining processes. That’s why they came to Appirio for a mobile solution that would enable their customers to view and process service requests the same way they use Otis products: on the go.

Extending Otis’s eService with a mobile app

Otis has a popular eService platform, which allows Otis customers to place service requests, check maintenance data, receive real-time updates on open service calls, and more. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the app created for Otis by Appirio’s crowd takes eService to the next level — by making its features mobile.

Designed for busy building owners and managers, the app enables Otis customers to make more efficient use of eService features right from their smartphones or tablets and is included as an additional service to any Otis maintenance contract at no additional cost. With immediate access to nearly up-to-the-moment customer support data and simplified monitoring of maintenance, the app has since improved Otis’s end-user experience and their customer service as a whole.

Otis understands that their customers are on the go today more than ever before. This app gives them new flexibility to report an issue or get the status of their equipment by pressing just a few buttons on their smartphones. Essentially, Otis’s mobile app needed to be customizable, convenient, fast, and inclusive. With Appirio’s crowd, they received both an innovative edge and hands-on involvement in the design and development process — 2 things more traditional methods don’t deliver.


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