How Grocery Retailers Can Create Better Customer Experiences with Omnichannel Marketing

October 26, 2020 Lia Parisyan

Today's customers have more expectations than ever. They want frictionless experiences and relevant brand interactions on their preferred channels.

To break through the noise and build brand loyalty in a hyper-competitive market, grocery retailers will need to invest beyond mobile-first experiences and adopt technologies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud to attract, convince, and convert prospective customers. 

Omnichannel grocery shopping on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Multichannel marketing solutions provided by Salesforce suite of products enables marketers to target the right people with the right message at the right time. 

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Einstein, and Interaction Studio, retailers can build personalized customer experiences at speed and scale and engage more intelligently with prospective and existing customers throughout their decision journeys.

Here are a few highlights of what a holistic omnichannel approach can help your marketers do: 

  • Create content once and deploy it anywhere with Community Cloud Experience Builder
  • Give creative teams more flexibility to change and optimize content across the web, mobile, social media, and email
  • Use Einstein Analytics to integrate a person's Instagram likes data into personalized look books and hyper-targeted landing pages curated by interest 
  • Employ super-intelligent Einstein bots and Salesforce Order management to provide intelligence-infused self-service capabilities and help reduce call center volumes

"84% of consumers prefer experience over product. 66% are willing to pay more for a better experience, but only 48% say that companies provide a good experience." 

Adi Kuruganti, SVP and GM Experience Cloud at Salesforce

These numbers show customers' desire for a unified experience and how many companies are missing the mark. But these gaps represent tremendous opportunities if retailers are willing to embrace a customer-first mindset. 

Experience is about creating hyper-personalized experiences at every touchpoint— experience is about creating value for your customers, employees, and partners wherever they are. 

Are you omnichannel? 

Having a multichannel marketing hub and connected customer experience ecosystem enables you to analyze transactions, new customer acquisition, repeat purchases, transaction volumes, and trends to assess what's working and what isn't. When your insights and content creation and sharing tools are under one roof, it's easier to be flexible and pivot without sacrificing customer engagement as you experiment and transition them to new experiences. 

Interaction Studio, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer interaction tool, integrates with Salesforce's Community Cloud to give marketers full visibility into how their customers engage with ads on social media. Based on engagement rates, marketers can use those insights to personalize user segment experiences on their websites, portals, forums, and other experiences built with Salesforce technologies. 

Personalized Customer Experience in Action 

Let's say you're a grocery retailer. It's Thanksgiving, and you want to want to target last years' shoppers. You can segment your users by demographic, region, dietary preference, and more. 

You notice two main camps performed better than expected last year: plant-based shoppers and organic buyers. Armed with this knowledge, you can create a hyper-personalized landing page showcasing ToFurky and vegan pumpkin pies for your plant-based cohorts and organic D'Artagnan turkeys and corn-syrup free marshmallows to your organic shoppers. 

What's more, you can follow up with push notifications for those that don't engage, offering them $5 off on their next order. 

Still not biting? 

You can nurture them with an email showcasing the perfect "Vegan Thanksgiving Table" or "Organic Sides by a Celebrity or Chef Influencer" to bring the user back to your website or mobile app. 

And with mobile growing in popularity, if you see that your target customers are being distracted and abandoning their carts as they're scrolling and tapping on their tablets and smartphones, you can sweeten the pot to purchase with special deals and discounts. 

By meeting your customers where they are and creating relevant and valuable experiences across channels, you create a connection to your brand and entice them to learn and interact with you. Plus, the more data you have in one easy-to-manage place, the more you can use those insights to create even better future experiences and interactions. 

Create a deeper level of personalization with audience-targeting APIs, using Salesforce CRM data. Apply that data to personalize content experiences for customers wherever they are. 

Ready to learn about omnichannel marketing and how to build loyalty-driving experiences? Get in touch with an Appirio Retail Marketing expert. 

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