How R&D and Support Teams Benefit from Salesforce Lightning

September 23, 2016 Appirio

By Audrey Patenaude, Coveo for Salesforce Marketing Lead

Salesforce Community Cloud has grown in popularity and capabilities over the last few years, as organizations look to provide even smarter and more engaging self-service resources to their customers, partners, and employees.

However, building a great Salesforce Community used to require significant technical work, as it required merging, VisualForce, and Apex code. Creating truly dynamic Communities was only possible for organizations with technical people who were familiar with these frameworks, or with help from system integrators.

Last summer, Salesforce announced Lightning App Builder, a completely new framework designed to easily build Communities. Recently, a new way for system integrators to package pre-built Community templates was released: Lightning Bolt. These 2 new capabilities are game-changers for multiple teams across organizations, including R&D and support.

Drag-and-drop components

With Lightning App Builder, technical skills are no longer required to edit Community layouts. With easy drag-and-drop configuration, you can build new sites much like you would build them in a tool like WordPress. Therefore, companies with limited resources are now empowered to set up very compelling Communities.

Most importantly, with the Lightning Community Builder comes a new framework of components. Each of these components provide a unique set of capabilities, and community managers can easily deliver those capabilities however and wherever they want them. Partners within the ecosystem have started building components, which add to the mix of capabilities, giving community managers fast access to a wide range of great features they can easily integrate themselves.


Earlier this year, we added our components to the mix, which bring the power of Coveo Intelligent Search to Lightning Communities. With these new components, our goal was to make it easy to bring powerful and intuitive search to any Lightning Community, and to any Lightning Bolt template.

Both R&D and support teams can leverage the combination of the Lightning framework — paired with intelligent search — to build Communities that maximize self-service success. Here’s how:

Create an app for your dev team, integrating sources like Slack and GitHub

Putting content from all the systems your R&D team uses (like Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, and more) into a single one-stop app can make your team more productive and proficient. With intelligent search, you can now do so by securely connecting to all these sources and surfacing the information directly within your Lightning App. Machine learning capabilities will allow you to automatically surface the most relevant content from all of these systems and make proactive recommendations based on what other team members find useful.

Join this Dreamforce session with Appirio’s Jeff Grosse who will walk you through building a R&D Lightning Community App using intelligent, self-learning search from Coveo.

Maximize self-service success for your customers

To enable customers to effortlessly self-service on your Lightning Community, support teams need to provide customers with easy access to the most relevant content — wherever it resides. Companies like MongoDB and Salesforce are using Intelligent Search from Coveo on their Community sites to deliver successful and intuitive self-service experiences. During this session, they will explain how they are using machine learning capabilities to automatically fine-tune relevancy in order to boost case deflection.

While at Dreamforce, make sure to visit the Lightning Lodge in Moscone West to check out the different components that are being made available by partners like Coveo. If you’d like to get a demo of Intelligent Search for Lightning Communities in action while at the event, visit the Coveo Dreamforce microsite.

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