How Salesforce Health Cloud is Transforming the Patient Experience

February 11, 2019 Scott O'Connell

Wearable device on a man's wrist tracking heart rate and activity data on Salesforce Health Cloud

As we turn over another calendar year into 2020, it’s safe to say that the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has evolved from an IT buzzword to mainstream vernacular. IoT is everywhere, and many of us are already taking advantage of the huge opportunities that connect data across all aspects of our lives. From smart devices in our kitchens to smart cities monitoring national electric grids, whether we know it or not, IoT is a big presence in our lives. 

According to IHS, there were nearly 15.4 billion connected devices in 2015. That number is expected to grow to 30.7 billion in the next two years, and to 75.4 billion by 2025. Companies are learning to organize and analyze the data these devices are capturing to help make better decisions for individuals and businesses alike.

One area that will continue to reap the benefits of connected devices, is the healthcare sector.  ACT, an organization representing over 5,000 mobile technology companies, is forecasting a $117 billion connected healthcare market by 2020. Portable health monitoring, pharmaceutical safeguards, electronic record keeping, and improved communications between patients and providers are helping reset consumer expectations in the marketplace, which will lead to more transparency, increased revenue, enhanced operational efficiency, and ultimately, more saved lives.

But have you given any thought into how IoT can positively impact your health?  

Preparing for major milestones like saving for your kids’ college education, emergency fund, dream vacation, and retirement is second nature. But many of us don’t put the same forethought into our long-term health and wellness because we’ve embraced the “live in the now” narrative. But taking positive action today can have a profound effect on our health in the future. 

Luckily, we’re starting to see a major transformation within the healthcare industry. New technologies and a growing emphasis on preventative medicine are empowering us to make better health choices every day. From exercising more regularly to eating healthier to getting more sleep, many of us are taking steps to live happier and healthier lives every day.

Technologies like activity trackers are already helping people monitor their progress, set goals, and achieve milestones. The Salesforce Health Cloud is integrating data from wearables and health apps and is adding a deeper level of insight into the positive actions people are already taking. 

Salesforce Health Cloud dashboard showing patient data and health journey history

How? By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals through the world’s #1 Healthcare CRM. Salesforce brings together cloud, social, and mobile technologies and is opening new channels of communications, enabling great transparency, and creating a culture of mutual accountability between patients and healthcare providers at every step of the care continuum. 

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a holistic view of each patient through intelligent care collaboration and on-demand connected experiences across devices. By focusing on a 360-degree view of the patient, creating smarter patient management, and providing the tools that connect and improve engagement, Salesforce Health Cloud is delivering the same level of personalization patients have come to expect in their everyday lives. 

A Complete View of the Patient 

Having access to a single view of a patient’s health is key to not only generating better health outcomes but also to lay the groundwork to improved patient/provider relationships. Giving healthcare providers access to patient profile data in an easy to navigate, contextual dashboard enables them to gain deeper insights into treatment history and medical outcomes. It also enables them to see electronic health records in one place and empowers them to make smarter recommendations and communicate these more effectively across the entire care continuum. Most importantly, it makes knowledge more available to patients, encouraging them to take more accountability as they commit to improving their health.   

Salesforce Health Cloud for Providers

Personalized health journeys and better health outcomes are in reach with Salesforce Health Cloud. This platform enables provider organizations to build deeper, more transparent relationships with their patients.

  • Salesforce's Healthcare CRM enables providers to create personalized health and wellness communications and connect with patients across channels.
  • Service agents have more insight into where each patient is in their healthcare journey and can pull up patients' data without having to toggle between screens or log into multiple legacy systems. This enables agents to provide more value at every interaction and increase patient satisfaction with the service they provide. 
  • Care managers can see their assigned patients and prioritize tasks. They gain a better sense of a patient by seeing connected health records, patient preferences, and more—all in one place.
  • AI enables healthcare professionals to turn insights into action and gain a richer understanding of a patient's history.

In short, Health Cloud gives providers the tools and a streamlined process to make smart decisions, loop in a patient's care team, and guide patients to better outcomes.

Smarter Patient Management 

Health Cloud delivers a prioritized holistic view that can help providers identify the most critical actions their patients need to take and can communicate with them through secure and private messages. Conversation history is stored and can easily be accessed to reference past interactions. Collaboration capabilities enable healthcare providers to assign responsibilities and set goals and share these with anyone on their team, increasing both transparency and cooperation, two key drivers of better health outcomes and reduced readmissions. 

Connected Patient Engagement 

Health Cloud improves customer satisfaction and motivates members and patients to be more engaged in self-care conveniently and securely on any device within an ecosystem that encourages communication and embraces value-based care. 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  As patient and provider collaboration expands, so too will the features, benefits, and services of the Salesforce Health Cloud for payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical devices. But most importantly, it has the potential to positively impact the lives of countless individuals by enabling them to take a more active role in the management of their health and wellness. 

Interested in how Salesforce's healthcare CRM can transform your patient experience? Get in touch with a Health Cloud expert today.

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