How to Have a Successful Business Transformation with Google for Work

December 23, 2015 Appirio

By David Spangler


Moving to Google for Work is much more than just switching your email and calendar. To get the most value out of the investment you’ve made, you need to be dedicated to business transformation as well.

You chose Google for Work because you wanted to move your business into the future. Mail and Calendar are default business tools, and moving email, messaging, and meeting coordination to the cloud isn’t challenging. But you want to offer your workers a better Worker Experience, and demonstrate to your customers and business partners that you’re committed to technological innovation.

You have a vision of your company using real-time collaboration tools to lead in your industry. We can help you take it beyond replacing email and calendar — all the way to a successful business transformation.

What is business transformation?

Moving to the cloud gives you the opportunity to redefine your business processes. Instead of taking the same processes and replicating them in the new Google for Work environment, spend some time thinking about and redefining your business processes — independent of technology — so that you will be able to maximize the value of Google for Work in your company.

Business transformation is the formalized process of understanding what your team needs to do to continuously improve processes and reinvent your organization for the future. When implementing Google for Work, transformation activities can include:

  • Analysis of current workflows.
  • Generating new ideas.
  • Mapping to out-of-the-box Google for Work functionality.
  • Expanding to custom-developed apps when it makes sense.
  • Reproducing innovation cycles for your whole company on a technology innovation schedule.

How do I keep innovation going?

Here are 4 simple ways to ensure successful, continuous innovation.

  1. First of all, project sponsors need to take the lead in articulating a vision and setting aside a budget for continued innovation.
  2. Leverage your existing innovation leaders, such as Google Guides. They have the on-the-ground perspective about which processes are ready for innovation, and you’ve already made an investment throughout the project to enhance their learning and Google Apps capabilities.
  3. Establish a council of leaders and give them the budget and authority to set up meetings and drive innovation.
  4. Support your council of leaders through administrative tools such as templates and facilitation experts.

Your investment in the Google for Work transformation doesn’t end with go-live; it goes on with an investment in continuous innovation across your organization. Learn more about Appirio’s Google practice and gain practical insights into Google for Work from our ebook, Appirio’s Guide to Going Google.


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