How to Improve Your Company’s Adoption of Google for Work

July 7, 2016 Appirio

By Rachel Taylor

adoption of Google for work

It can be difficult to focus on creating a structure that nurtures innovation while you’re working on going Google — moving mail, calendar events, and documents into Google for Work. However, if you take the time to invest in the structures and processes you’ll need, your time to return on investment will be shorter, and you’ll improve adoption of Google for Work.

Steps to take during your Google for Work deployment

First, plan a transition from the Steering Committee to the Innovation Council (or CoE) so you can retain continuity in governance and leadership. Be sure to select stakeholders for the Steering Committee who will be able to continue leading after go-live, such as: IT leadership, content management leadership, social media leadership, and employee representatives of major job functions or business units.

Then set up a regular prioritization discussion so the topic of continuous innovation is part of Steering Committee meetings. Set goals for engagement after go-live that will give you key performance indicators for your success in creating the right environment for innovation. Also, use the Google Guide selection and support process to identify innovators among your employees.


Why you should invest in a deeper cultural change

You may find that you face resistance to planning for long-term innovation. The move to Google for Work is a change to not only your messaging and document storage systems, but it’s also a change to the business processes that ensure business growth. So when you are challenged to leave it in the realm of IT, here are a few good reasons to go further with the change:

  • Mail and calendar touch every employee in your company. A change to messaging means a literal change for everyone. You have the opportunity to use this opportunity for change to change not only your messaging, but also what your business can offer.
  • If only IT resources are responsible for change, you will only get IT change. You want change for your whole company, not just IT.
  • Getting the most out of a new technology means ensuring that every user adopts it. Get great user adoption by including user representatives and giving them the tools and responsibility to engage their peers.

Learn more about change enablement and managing the move to Google for Work from our experts here at Appirio, and by reading Appirio’s Guide to Going Google.

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