HR and IT Need to Work Together to Improve Onboarding

September 12, 2017 Nicole Klemp

The onboarding period is a critical time in an employee’s career, yet many organizations are failing at it. According to the Harvard Business Review, only 28 percent of companies say they have a highly successful onboarding program, and 22 percent of companies don’t have a program in place at all. Cultivating productivity in your workers must start on day one. When a new employee joins your company, it’s important for them to have a good experience right out of the gate, and to be ramped up quickly to do great work.

Handing an employee a stack of forms and a handbook is not onboarding

New workers should be brought into the fold of your organization right away, and your onboarding program should be built around getting them engaged and connected to the company mission and goals. It’s important for IT and HR teams to be aligned on the process, to ensure that each and every new hire has the equipment they need on their first day, as well as immediate access to the organization’s systems and applications. Creating a workflow that kicks off as soon as an offer is extended can help ensure no important steps in the onboarding process are missed or delayed.



Cloud-based HCM solutions — like Workday Talent Management — prioritize onboarding, and allow managers to track progress and automate tasks, like assigning trainings and required paperwork (like the I-9). Automating these processes frees up managers to spend more quality time working with their new hires. And because it’s cloud-based, workers have the freedom to access the platform when and where it’s convenient for them.

Whether or not you have remote workers (but especially if you do), utilizing tools like Google Hangouts and Salesforce Chatter during the onboarding process can help make the experience more collaborative, and adds an extra layer of engagement to the experience. This allows new hires all over the globe to participate in onboarding together, and adds a social component that may be lacking in a more traditional setting. Even if your new hires are sitting in the same room — who doesn’t love to get a social shout-out?

Show workers the value of your technology, right from the start

Getting new hires engaged with your systems and applications during the onboarding process helps get them acclimated to the way your organization works, and improves ramp-up time. We recently sat down with Claude Edkins, founder of Yellow Lab Consulting and former CIO of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to talk about how organizations can get workers more engaged with cloud-based technology, and the importance of delivering a valuable Worker Experience. “The challenge with any initiative — be it a software platform or a new program — is there’s a lot of expectations about the value of that environment … the faster you start showing value, the faster you start showing the benefits of those platforms, the better.”



An improved onboarding process is just one of the four capabilities required for a more productive Worker Experience. Want to learn the other three? Download our free ebook, The Productivity Prescription: How To Create A More Productive Workforce.


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