In a World of Skills Gaps, Moen Prioritizes Development and Learning

September 5, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

The U.S. skills gap carries substantial shortages. In 2017’s first-quarter, The National Federation of Independent Business found that “45 percent of small businesses reported that they were unable to find qualified applicants to fill job openings.”

To close the skills gap and compete for today’s top talent, organizations need to provide opportunities for growth and learning. Glassdoor estimates that 60 percent of millennials  consider the most attractive job perk to be growth opportunities. By creating a collaborative learning environment, employees will feel more fulfilled and engaged, and can gain important skills to excel in their jobs.

Moen, a global faucet brand, knew that to be a successful company, they couldn’t simply hire workers and consider the onboarding process complete. Previously, Moen established a frontline leadership development plan, but they realized their field service and middle-management level workers were falling through the L&D cracks.

Since Moen was already working with Appirio to integrate Workday and improve Worker Experience (WX), they momentarily switched focus to their inconspicuous L&D program, to introduce some quick fixes. Lisa Feiler, Moen’s HRIS & HR Administrator, explained, “Development and learning has always been a priority at Moen — which has been great, because we know that people will be engaged knowing there’s future opportunities — not just in their own role.”

Appirio’s Chief Learning Officer, Cat Lang, weighed in on the importance of a strong Learning and Development (L&D) program, saying, “L&D, in combination with talent development and diversity and inclusion programs, are critical to ensuring that the right breadth of skills, experience, innovation, and growth are available to make companies and their employees successful.”

Offering your employees the opportunity for education takes those vital steps toward creating an environment of engaged workers. Just contact one of our Worker Experience experts to find out how you can build a richer WX, or register for a free Virtuous Cycle Diagnostic Workshop.



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