In Honor of National Dog Day: Meet the Dogs of Appirio

August 26, 2019 molly

At Appirio, we believe fur babies are people too --  they provide companionship and brighten up our days as most of us work from home.  So join us in celebrating #NationalDogDay and learn more the #DogsOfAppirio below! 

Jack Harbaugh, Associate Consultant in Change Enablement Practice 

Meet Ollie. His favorite hobbies include: people watching on the Monon trail (Indianapolis), receiving belly rubs from strangers, and playing with friends at daycare. 

Ollie #DogsofAppirio Chocolate Labradoodle

Dawn Oliveira, Senior Consultant, Higher Education and Nonprofits

Muttley and Haagen Daz clearly have a passion for formalwear. And they really like to pose for GIFs (hint: check our Instagram story today). Haagen Daz loves veggies and fruits like broccoli, carrots, apples, blueberries. Muttley… not so much. He throws colorful, healthy things around like chew toys.


Muttley and Haagen Daz #DogsofAppirio

Ron Steelman Manager, Consulting Services 

Meet Paxton, a Siberian Huskey, with two differently colored eyes -- one blue and one brown. 

Paxton Siberian Husky #DogsofAppirio

Katy Hebert, Customer Programs Manager

This is Sally Dog. She loves ALL cheese, swimming and surfing in the Atlantic Ocean, and hanging out with her best friend Magnus T. Cat.

SallytheDogandMagnusTCat #DogsofAppirio

Lia Parisyan, Content Strategist 

Say hello to Prince Leo. His favorite food is chicken and he’s an expert at stealing toys and hiding them in his bed. Spoiler alert: He’s probably sleeping on a couple of Lia's son's toys in this picture. 

Leo shih-tzu in dog bed #DogsofAppirio

Jessica DeMuth Consultant, Change Enablement

Meet Jessica’s two office mates, Howie (silver) and Gunner (brown), who have an entire house to frolic around in -- but instead, choose to sleep under her feet while she’s working. They are silent until Jessica’s on a call; Gunner is known for his thunderous snoring, which usually causes contagious laughter. 

Jessica Demuth Howie and Gunner #DogsofAppirio

Rebecca Bradley UX Designer, Product and Innovation

Meet Montana. She loves climbing big boulders and running up mountains (as suggested by her namesake).

Montana #DogsofAppirio

Molly Lauck, Social Media Marketing Manager 

This Texan turned Hoosier is a rescue dog from Houston and a Hurricane Harvey survivor... that’s why he’s called Harvey aka #HarvDawg!

Harvey the dog #HarvDawg #DogsofAppirio

Hilary Pogarch Gallagher, Field Marketing Manager 

Kobe is a 12-year-old dachshund named after Kobe Bryant (thanks to my husband’s family). She likes short walks in the city and long naps on the couch. 

Eduardo Lamazares, PMP General Manager, Americas

Say hello to Carti (the big boy with mostly black patches) and Luna (the smaller white and brindle girl) -- aka the most photographed members of the Lamazares household.

Matthew Ainsworth, Lead Consultant 

Say hi to besties Zelda and Link! Inspired by the action-adventure video game we all know and love.

Nia Johnson Project Manager, Consulting Services 

Nelliel and Karma Jean love to go on outdoor adventures together! They're always ready for a weekend road trip!

Jodi Swift Manager, Consulting Services 

Check out Vixen and his mom getting ready for their favorite activity: walking on the beach!  

Raj Venkatasamy, Lead Generation, Marketing

Last, but definitely not least, is Duncan! This guy loves to eat EVERYTHING -- especially his vegetables. 

Being able to work remotely and create your own work-life balance is just one of the few perks at Appirio. Check out current opportunities here and maybe your furry friends will make the next edition! 



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