Introducing Appirio’s first State of the Public Cloud Survey

October 28, 2010 Appirio

Balakrishna Narasimhan

Today, we’re very pleased to announce Appirio’s first State of the Public Cloud Survey. Over the past four years we’ve been privileged to work on more than 800 cloud projects, and the difference between our customers’ first-hand experience with cloud computing and how it was being portrayed in market and industry research always struck us as odd. Most of what we read is about security concerns or how cloud apps are a way for business to get around IT, when in fact, we rarely focus on security issues with customers outside the sales process and the majority of our day-to-day customers are IT. We started to wonder whether our customers were truly unique or whether there was a difference in how those who’ve tried and adopted a cloud solution behave relative to the market as whole.

So, this August, we worked with a third-party firm, Itracks, to host an online survey targeting IT decision makers at 155 mid-to-large US-based enterprises. What we found confirmed a few things we suspected, e.g., the majority of cloud adopters believe their cloud apps are better and are using cloud apps to change the role of IT within their businesses. But we were surprised by how positive cloud adopters are and how aggressively they plan to ramp up their adoption of public cloud solutions. We were also surprised that some challenges we’d expected to emerge over the next few years, such as cloud-to-cloud integration and more unified mobile access, are already becoming top priorities for cloud adopters.

Please check out the complete State of the Public Cloud report and leave us a comment or tweet @appirio with your biggest surprise from the survey.

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