Introducing AppXpress: The Smart, Modern Way to Design and Build Mobile Apps

May 20, 2015 Steve Pruden


Whether you’re on a bus, in a cafe, or on a plane, it’s hard to go five minutes without seeing someone engrossed in their iPhone or iPad. Or even checking your own. It’s not out of pure infatuation or addiction. It’s because these mobile devices make our lives easier. They give us unlimited access to the information we want at any time. Not just in our personal lives, but in business as well.

Understanding the power of mobility is one thing, and having the ability to take advantage of it is something completely different. That is why today we’re introducing AppXpress, an exciting new self-service solution that companies of any size can use to create enterprise-grade iOS apps for their customers, employees and partners.

According to Statista, as of last summer more than 75 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store. As of March 2015, only 10% of apps in the App Store were business related. Why is that? A recent Forrester report on Digital Engagement Providers provides some insight:

”Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The challenge of making a simple, intuitive app that fronts a complex system of engagement will stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of most firms.”

The fact of the matter is very few companies have the skills and resources internally to create an amazing mobile experience. Finding people who have the skills to take an app from idea to execution is a huge challenge, whether you’re a start-up or global brand, whether you’re based in San Francisco or Seoul. According to a recent Opinion Matters survey, only 6% of enterprises say they have all the mobile developer talent they need internally. If you need even more specialized skills – like the designers and developers experienced in building enterprise-grade iOS applications that take full advantage of Apple sophisticated devices – those are in even hotter demand.

This is what led Appirio to create AppXpress. AppXpress gives companies a quicker and easier way to access the specialized talent needed to create mobile apps. Today AppXpress focuses on the initial and most critical stages of the mobile app process – design and prototyping. It walks a customer through through a simplified process of identifying and defining user and application requirements, and turns those requirements into a viable design mockup or clickable prototype to support the desired user experience. This step is critical if you want to see how a future app will look and feel for your users before moving on to full production.

Under the covers it uses the Appirio Services Platform and is powered by Appirio’s global crowdsourcing community of 750,000+ developers, designers, and UI/UX experts who compete to deliver the best solutions in days or weeks. The best ideas rise to the top and the customer only pays for the results they use. Too many companies waste valuable time and money trying to locate, hire and onboard design and development talent with no guarantee on results. AppXpress solves this challenge. There are no prolonged contract negotiations or RFPs. You get multiple solutions, and only pay for what you use. Customers can even use a credit card.

Check out this video to see how AppXpress works.

Here’s an example of how it works. Takeoff360, an on-demand charter jet travel service, needed to redesign their mobile app with a more professional, user-friendly design that reflected their brand. However, they had limited time and resources, and UX/UI was not a point of strength for their internal team. Takeoff360 used Appirio AppXpress to source several different designs that met their use case in just three weeks, freeing up their internal development capacity to focus on other components of the app.

With checkpoints throughout the process, they were able to narrow the design down to the one they liked most while staying on schedule with their own development team to get their app live in time for private beta testing period. They’re now engaged with AppXpress to design an intuitive Apple Watch app that quickly and easily presents the most important information regarding flight details, status updates and travel itineraries right to a user’s wrist while on the go.

But we don’t just want to tell you how AppXpress and crowdsourcing is going to change the face of mobile innovation, we want to prove it. For a limited time, you can submit your idea for a chance to win a custom mobile app design. Tell us what amazing app you would build to get your business mobile, and we just might design it for free. If your idea is chosen, simply select the result you like best and the design is yours to keep and use at no cost!

The world is going mobile and the companies that move faster and work smarter win. How can we help you on the path to enterprise mobility?


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