Introducing Mythbusting Mondays

June 14, 2010 Appirio

What’s Your Favorite Cloud Computing Myth?
Balakrishna Narasimhan

  • Sensitive data is safer in your data center than in the public cloud
  • You can’t customize cloud applications
  • You have no control of your data if you move to a cloud service provider
  • Platform lock-in is more of a problem with cloud services than on-premise systems

And those are only a few of the cloud computing myths that are running rampant these days. We’re not surprised really – this happens every time an industry goes through some kind of dramatic (and to some, traumatic) change. It also means cloud computing is gaining more and more traction. While early adopters have been evangelizing the cloud’s benefits for a while, mainstream adopters who are much more risk averse are now planning for their move to the cloud. That raises different issues.

Plus, the traction of cloud computing has piqued the interest of more vendors, many of whom have a lot to lose if things change too drastically and they can’t keep up. It’s the Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt being spread by this latter group that has us worried. If enough dollars are put behind FUD, it has the potential to stall the market and that’s where people lose.

It’s good to have debate, and important to ask tough questions before pulling the trigger on new models and technologies. But it’s also important to separate perception from reality, and to know when vendor marketing starts to blur the line of truthfulness. Because without this, companies might miss out on an incredibly powerful trend that could really make benefit in their business.

As a company that has completed more than 700 cloud projects over the last four years, and is directly or peripherally involved with hundreds of vendors in the cloud computing ecosystem , we think Appirio has the breadth and expertise to address many of these myths from a foundation of fact. This is why we’re introducing “Mythbusting Mondays” this summer. Hey, there’s Taco Tuesdays, Follow Fridays and Supercar Saturdays. Why not Mythbusting Mondays?

Every other Monday, an Appirio expert will be busting one of the myths making headlines. We have our list to tackle, but if there’s a myth you think we should address, please don’t hesitate to let us know by either commenting on this blog or tweeting us @appirio.

Our first Mythbusting Monday post next week will address Cloud Security. Looking forward to the debate!

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