Introducing the Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Launchpad from Appirio

January 21, 2019 Dawn Oliveira

You spoke. We listened and answered with Launchpad. 

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Making the jump to new technology requires many of the same elements you might find if you were planning to leap between tall buildings in a single bound like Superman: a clear goal (the building), the right resources (running sneakers, a magic cape), momentum, good execution, and a smooth landing spot. It also might help to have guidance from other superheroes who have made the leap and can coach you on how to get from where you are, to where you want to go. 

But when it comes to investing in a new fundraising system, while you may know the best way to take a big leap, how often do you actually follow tried and tested advice? 

Maybe your stakeholders can’t agree on a common vision. 

Maybe there aren’t enough resources to carry out the plan.

Or, maybe you start with the right commitment and investment but don’t have the expertise to make it safely across the gap.

Without these critical elements in place you probably won’t take the leap, or worse, you jump and… SPLAT! 

That’s why Appirio developed a new offering that reduces the uncertainty of taking a big leap of your own.  

Introducing the Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Launchpad

As a consulting company with over a decade of experience and thousands of Salesforce projects under our belts, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help our customers run faster, jump higher, and achieve more than they ever imagined. 

Our Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Launchpad is an all-new, targeted offering designed specifically for nonprofits. It combines core Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and powerful Pardot capabilities with Appirio assets to enable a rapid, phase-driven approach to CRM implementation. 

Launchpad was created for organizations who need to take a significant transformative leap, but may not have the ideal conditions for a successful implementation.

It's also designed for nonprofit leaders who need to gain executive buy-in from boards with quick wins, those who are working against the ticking clock of an unsupported solution, those who are reeling from previous projects that didn’t deliver, and finally, those who are working to build capital for new investments.

Launchpad combines Appirio’s industry experience and passion for improving constituent and worker experiences (the Virtuous Cycle) with a modern approach to implementation that gets real about the real-world concerns nonprofits face when contemplating major technology shifts. 

The Appirio Launchpad can help nonprofit organizations overcome their key challenges and can help them achieve their goals.

Why Nonprofit Fundraising?

We started our Launchpad in the nonprofit fundraising sector in response to the demands of the market: as noted, mid-size and enterprise nonprofits who have a bold vision and want to grow in a new direction have to overcome challenges to make the leap to Salesforce. 

It’s time for a new hero in town. 
Time for an offering that can act as a “launching pad” for nonprofits and streamline their implementation cycle, add baked-in value, position future platform investments, and align with the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud product roadmap. 

Appirio’s Fundraising Launchpad focuses on delivering the core capabilities critical to nonprofit fundraising success, including:

  • Constituent Management - Individuals, organizations, relationships, contact info, and preferences
  • Donation Management - Online giving, high-touch fundraising, portfolio and moves management, payments and allocations, receipting
  • Acquisition - Lead identification and scoring, prospect management, cultivation, conversion, purging
  • Communication and Stewardship - Marketing and engagement campaigns, email and direct mail, source codes, solicitation preferences

Want to learn more?
Contact a nonprofit expert for more details and to schedule a demo! In the meantime, check out the Appirio Nonprofit/Higher Ed Hub for all the latest industry news, trends, and stories. 

Message us on social to tell us what YOU think matters most to nonprofits, and why? 



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Dawn Oliveira, Principal Consultant, is a 9x Certified Salesforce Consultant with a Master's Certificate in Business Analysis. With nearly a decade of experience in CRM transformation, Dawn is passionate about optimizing business systems to accelerate organizations towards achieving their missions

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