Is Testing Automation Right For You?

May 29, 2018 Ashley Mennel

If you’ve ever been on the consumer side of a software release gone wrong, you know firsthand the pains of inadequate testing. As a consumer it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and like you just don’t matter to the organization. 

And if you’ve been on the delivery side ... well, you definitely understand how it feels to find an error post go-live. You feel the same pains and frustrations the customer endures — along with dedicating endless work hours, handling workflow interruptions, and compiling resolution and mitigation plans to get things back on track. 

No one wants to find an error in production, which has led product delivery teams across the globe to test, test, and retest. 

Is more testing the answer? 

If there is one thing we have at Appirio, it’s experience in product delivery. And that got us thinking — testing automation has helped us revolutionize our delivery process and drive consistent, calculated releases to our customers. And we might be onto something. 

With one enterprise customer we were able to automate 94% of their test cases, reducing our execution time from 56 hours to 2 hours and overall testing costs from $2,500 to less than $100. 

Testing automation for everyone

The benefits of test automation are real and measurable. We have seen tremendous success in testing automation across our Salesforce, Workday, and Google practices and are continuing to build out our test automation offerings. We believe the key to eliminating frustration and creating cost-savings is through enabling our customers to leverage test automation throughout the project lifecycle including Automated UI Testing, Automated Backend Testing, and Automated Config Testing.

So, for example, whether you are implementing for the first time, or releasing enhancements into your organization, test automation can help you reduce time to test — slashing the cost of your overall build, while ensuring that your environment is tested correctly, thoroughly and consistently, from one release to the next. 

Should you automate?

So how do you determine if testing automation is right for you? Follow the infographic below, and then reach out to our testing automation experts to discuss how Appirio can help you create a uniquely personalized customer experience with TestRight.

We want to be who you turn to for all things cloud-related, that’s why we employ the brightest developers and smartest cloud experts in the world. Our team can help you determine your organization’s testing needs through a discovery and roadmap meeting. To learn more about our customizable cloud solutions, please visit our Appirio Hub.

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