Jeff Epstein on Board at Appirio

May 9, 2013 Appirio

By Chris Barbin

Today, Appirio announced that Jeff Epstein has joined our Board of Directors as Chair of our Audit Committee. Jeff’s financial leadership, industry contacts, and deep expertise in technology will be a tremendous asset to Appirio as we continue to grow.

Jeff is a natural fit for our Board of Directors – his personality is complementary to our already energetic group – and he boasts one of the most dynamic backgrounds of the group. From, Kaiser Permanente and Shutterstock, Jeff has lent his financial expertise and leadership to the boards of some of the world’s most loved brands.

I could continue talk about why Jeff is joining Appirio and how he expects to complement Appirio’s leadership team, but think it is more interesting for him to tell you.

Having worked with both legacy and cloud technology providers, why did you decide to make a bet on a company that is all in with cloud?  

Bessemer Venture Partners, where I am an operating partner, has invested very successfully in cloud computing companies for more than a decade. Bessemer’s 10 Laws of Cloud Computing is a core resource for the industry. Most organizations use cloud computing to lower costs and increase agility, just as, for example, they rent office space instead of owning office buildings.

Appirio has been growing by at least 50 percent year-over-year. What is most exciting to you about joining Appirio during this stage of growth?  

I saw the Internet advertising market grow from less than $2 billion in 1998, when I was CFO of DoubleClick, to more than $37 billion in 2012. It’s exciting to be part of a company leading the way to the future, as Appirio is leading the way in cloud computing.

CloudSpokes is changing the way that Appirio approaches development and delivery. Based on what you know about our crowdsourcing community, how do you think its success will impact the wider services industry?

World-class engineers live all over the world.  Appirio’s powerful CloudSpokes community gives Appirio’s customers access to this talent to build the best products, in the fastest time, and at the lowest cost. And the competitive barriers to entry are significant.

As someone that has sat on a lot of highly visible boards, what background or lessons learned are you most excited to bring to Appirio’s board?

The ideas behind the best technology companies like Appirio are simple: recruit & train the most talented engineers and teams, build the best technology, and provide the best service to customers. The execution is hard. Appirio has proven it’s among the best cloud service providers in the world. I look forward to working with Appirio as we provide even better service, for more customers, across more technology platforms — and as we treat each customer as if it is the most important customer in the world.

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