Launching Appirio Contact Sync

May 30, 2008 Appirio

Appirio today announced Appirio Contact Sync for Salesforce and Google Apps, a simple tool to select and sync contacts between Google Apps and Salesforce address books.

You can check out the press release here, the product page here, or the appexchange listing here. You might want to watch our 2 minute flash demo for a quick orientation.

Organizations need to bridge the gap between the information in Salesforce and the tools people use to manage their day-to-day activity. Today, you waste time manually importing, exporting, copying, and pasting contact information from Google to Salesforce. And you still don’t have a single view of all the business activity related to a given person.

With Appirio Contact Sync, it is easy to automatically keep your Salesforce Contacts in sync with your Google Contacts. You choose which contacts you want to keep in sync using sophisticated filters– Appirio does the rest automatically. Now you have the rich business context of the Salesforce contact management with the “add-as-you-email” convenience of Gmail. The result is a more complete view of your business network.

Product features:

  • Filter Salesforce Contacts by ownership or other contact fields (all Salesforce security rules are enforced)
  • Filter Google Contacts by group or domain
  • Automatically update contact information via a Salesforce “stay-in-touch” email
  • Advanced options for name parsing and conflict resolution (e.g., data conflicts and filter rule conflicts)
  • Manage and monitor your syncs (e.g., start / stop syncs, see time of next sync, view log for previous sync)

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