Launching Appirio Professional Service Essentials

November 3, 2008 Appirio

Appirio PS Essentials leverages’s On-Demand Platform to offer core PSA functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

As a professional services organization here at Appirio, we’ve had to address our own needs for a PSA solution quickly and with the option to scale. Current options available on the market either didn’t provide the value we’d expect, or weren’t on-demand (as a serverless enterprise, it’s not just a choice, but a mandatory requirement). Our natural progression led us to create the building blocks for what’s becoming a full services management tool, using the platform.

We have been using early versions of PS Essentials to run our own business since we started. In just the last 12 months, our business has grown over 500 percent. We’ve significantly increased the size and reach of our delivery team and have added subcontractors to our resource pool. The PS Essentials package has helped us scale quickly, and manage a high volume of daily resourcing activity with minimal administrative staff. We’ve decided to package this powerful solution into a product to provide the same value we see everyday to our customers.

Our intent with PS Essentials is threefold:

  • To solve the core needs of professional services firms at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings. Our solution builds on the platform, therefore it eliminates the need to purchase expensive IT infrastructure, lowering both up-front and ongoing costs.
  • Enable customers to get up and running quickly without getting locked into a solution that may not be right for them down the road.
  • To provide existing Salesforce CRM customers with the added value of using this solution to help unify their sales and services businesses, which can improve win rates, client satisfaction and overall utilization.

Information on Appirio PS Essentials is now available today on the AppExchange or by contacting us directly.


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