Maximize ROI in Manufacturing with Marketing Automation

November 6, 2020 Eric Osterman

Marketing Automation is an area of focus for manufacturing organizations facing the challenge of migrating from legacy siloed systems into a world of connected platformsDetermining which tools to invest in and selecting an implementation partner can be a daunting task. In response to this need, the Appirio team has created a resource to help bring clarity to how we help our manufacturing clients leverage marketing automation to achieve their business goalsThe following use cases provide a guide on how Marketing Automation is used in the manufacturing industry today and why many companies are seeing an incredible return on investment.  


Nurture Leads from a Trade Show or Online Event 


Sales teams are most effective when they can focus their time on qualified prospects that have a realistic opportunity to closeSales teams are often inundated with leads after an event, and figuring out which leads are worth prioritizing may be left to personal preference 


Pardot helps provide a data-driven solution with a suite of tools that allows users to easily create forms, build landing pages, score engagement, and create automated campaigns. This system nurtures leads until they qualify to be passed to a member of the sales teamAll Pardot data can be passed to Salesforce CRM (or another CRM) to ensure the data is consistent across all platforms. 


Increase Overall Customer Market Share  


Many organizations have aggressive goals for maximizing the lifetime value of a customerIn today’s economy the best way to earn additional client market share is to have reliable 1st party data available in their systemsThis is achieved first when connected equipment in the field passes data from that machine to the organizations CRMOnce that CRM is connected to Marketing Cloud, the incoming data can trigger a 1:1 customer journey in Journey BuilderSome examples of customer journeys might include: 


  • Service notifications 

  • Trade-iopportunities for legacy equipment 

  • Opportunities to attend onsite product demonstrations in their area 


Enhanced Customer Service  


Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the advantage of being an embedded tool aggregating data rather than siloing from the rest of the organizationOne of Journey Builder’s most popular features is its ability to update Sales Cloud records and create Service Cloud cases within the standard functionality of the toolThe Service Cloud component enhances the traditional “follow up” email by ensuring that every customer has an opportunity to provide feedback. In the case of a customer responding to indicate an unsatisfactory experience, a Service Cloud Case can be automatically created, routing the issue to the proper channel with the goal of restoring the relationship. 



Bringing the Vision to Life  


The scenarios listed above might seem like an ideal “future state” but with the right implementation partner this transformation can take place in a matter of months. All the tools needed to provide next-level customer service is embedded within the standard platformLet’s learn how we can build the customer service scenario listed above in 5 steps: 


  • As a first step, a core CRM must be configured (Appirio recommends Salesforce CRM, but Marketing Cloud can connect to many CRMs) 

  • Once the CRM is configured, objects and fields from Sales & Service Cloud can be migrated into Marketing Cloud, which passes back information to Sales & Service Cloud  

  • Journey Builder can leverage real-time Salesforce data to trigger a series of follow-up messages inquiring about the service experience  

  • Interactive Email is a newer feature of Marketing Cloud that allows customers to build engaging email messages where customers can touch an icon to indicate their satisfaction level 

  • In the event a customer selected the icon saying they were “not satisfied,” Journey Builder will automate the creation of a case within Service Cloud and suppress all promotional email messages until the issue is resolved  


Selecting the Right Partner 


Many consultancies & ad agencies offer a certain level of Marketing Cloud offeringWhile every client has individual needs, the most important aspect of a successful Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation is having a team with cross-cloud experienceIt is essential that the project team understands the impact of how modifications in one cloud impact the overall architectureAppirio prides itself on being a Salesforce Platinum Partner and one of the top names in the industryIf you are interested in exploring if Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or any other marketing automation solution on the Salesforce platform might be the right solution for your organization, our team is here to answer any questions that might arise. 

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