Medallia Experience 2016: Harness the Power of the Customer

April 4, 2016 Jiordan Castle

Medallia Experience 2016

Whether or not you believe the customer is always right, we can all agree on one thing: It’s hard to know what a customer wants — what motivates them, why they return or switch to a competitor, where the most successful or painful touchpoints are along the customer journey — without the ability to effectively collect customer feedback. And even if you find a winning way to collect customer feedback, there’s still the most important part: turning that feedback into organized, actionable insights. That’s your ticket to an optimized Customer Experience, engaged employees, and driving business growth.

Medallia: more than a customer survey tool

Medallia is an operational Customer Experience management system that helps businesses create and send customer surveys, collect responses, and run data analytics. The data is ultimately transformed into actionable items for every employee in real time. Think of Medallia as a combination of NPS, well-timed surveys, well-crafted surveys, and a lens on customer feedback — a one-two punch of smart surveying and powerful analytics.

Once the results are analyzed, the data and subsequent recommendations are given to users in a comprehensive, intuitive report. This allows business leaders to offer up concrete findings to their teams and determine a plan of action, as well as implement any necessary changes to the existing Customer Experience strategy.

Survey your way to a more engaged workforce

Medallia works similarly for employees. The platform uses frequent, anonymous employee “pulse checks” to give HR and management a better understanding of team dynamics and areas that employees believe need improvement. This focus on trends and unfiltered feedback allows for a productive, open dialogue between managers and their direct reports, and helps further empower and engage employees.

Best of all, Medallia’s unified experience platform prioritizes issues based on business measures and outcomes, and connects data that influences both the Worker and Customer Experience. All feedback is directly linked to revenue and profitability, and the platform supports and links valuable customer and employees feedback — creating a more customer-centric culture while also building a better Worker Experience.

Meet Medallia and Appirio this spring

See firsthand how Appirio can transform your Customer and Worker Experience with the Medallia platform at Experience 2016, a 3-day event (April 26-28th) bringing together a community of over 800 executives and Customer Experience practitioners from over 300 of the world’s largest brands. You’ll hear from industry experts, network with thought leaders and colleagues, and learn new customer-centric strategies — all to help you harness the power of the customer and get ahead of the competition.

Meet us there this spring and get ready to rethink the way you do Customer Experience.



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