Mobile Quoting in Salesforce: 3 Questions with Kaye Stambaugh of HD Supply

November 7, 2013 Balakrishna Narasimhan

Kaye Stambaugh, VP at HD SupplyYou might not know the company by name, but chances are you have worked for or interacted with one of the 500,000 customers that rely on HD Supply daily for maintenance, repair and operations, or who use their tools, appliances or hardware to keep their properties up and running. In a business where maintenance, repairs and parts are needed in a timely manner to service the customer, being able to accurately check inventory, create price quotes and place orders is essential. Read on for more from my conversation with Kaye Stambaugh, VP of Services and Customer Care for HD Supply to hear how the company used mobile quoting to better service their customers and create longer lasting relationships, all the while increasing revenue and pipeline visibility.

What was the challenge you identified with your previous business operations?

We have built a phenomenal brand and business with more than half a million customers across the country, but in our Renovations division, it became clear that we weren’t servicing them in the most efficient way. We realized we could do things better. Our previous process involved one of our reps going onsite with a clipboard and pen, taking down notes on what products and services were required, then returning to the office, sometimes after several days in the field, only to have to visit multiple different systems to look up inventory, availability, pricing, etc. All of this just to generate a quote for the customer. Our goal was to get the quotes turned around in 5 days, but it sometimes took up to 2 weeks. Our customers don’t want to and shouldn’t have to wait that long to get what they need from us. We realized that losing customers to competition that could fulfill their needs faster was a reality that we didn’t want to face.

The challenge was certainly clear, what was the solution?

We knew Renovations wanted to cut down the time to generate a quote and if we were going to do so, it needed to be drastic. We needed our reps to be able to generate a quote right there on-the-spot with the customer and allow them to sign-off and place the order before even leaving the property. Mobile was a no-brainer. Knowing that our field reps were already comfortable working in Salesforce, we looked to the platform and Appirio to help us extend the capabilites that Salesforce already offered us. We built a configure-price-quote solution with a mobile quoting page that could be accessed on company-issued iPads. The solution integrates back to SAP for all inventory, pricing, and availability data, then generates a quote onsite that can be emailed directly to the customer and signed-off on-the-spot, to get the order processed.

Seems like a no brainer. What have the results been?

We’ve started with our Renovations team and adoption has been huge. Our reps lived in Salesforce before, so the new mobile quoting solution was intuitive, easy-to-use and really required very little additional training. And let’s be honest, sales reps love anything that helps them generate more business, so they have all been keen to use it, which gives management exceptional data and visibility into the business. We have a more accurate view of our pipeline now, can do trending analysis and solve problems in real-time. And the biggest benefit is what this means to our customers. They get their needs taken care of right there on the spot. No more waiting days for a quote. Our company motto is “HD Supply has what you need, where you need it, when you need it”. With this app, our Renovations team can ensure we make our motto a reality on every project.

To learn more about how HD Supply reimagined their business with cloud and mobile technologies, catch one of Kaye’s sessions at Dreamforce, “Effective Real Time Decision Making through Mobile Analytics” which will be featured on Tuesday, November 19th back-to-back at 2:00pm and 3:00pm.

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