Need to Charter a Private Jet? There’s an App for That

June 25, 2015 Nicole Klemp

app designOver the past couple of years, companies like Uber and Airbnb have used web and mobile applications to revolutionize the travel services industry. So, for the founders of Takeoff360, it made sense to harness the power of mobile to create an on-demand service that allows customers to charter private jets as well. After all, you can’t take an Uber to Grand Cayman, right?

An app design that’s on-brand and on budget

Takeoff360 needed a comprehensive, user-friendly redesign of their mobile app. They didn’t have the budget to waste on versions that didn’t fit their model, so they chose to tap into the power of the crowd with AppXpress. Having a professional app design that reflected their brand was a top priority. By utilizing the crowdsourcing community, they were able to get multiple designs in just 3 weeks. They were then able to narrow those options down to 5 designs that were consistent with their branding. With checkpoints throughout the development process, Takeoff360’s development team was able to stay on track with their own schedule, making it a smooth process for both parties.

“We were really impressed with how quickly we were able to get professional designs that reflected our brand and goals. The process was seamless from the beginning to the end.” — Rob Basha, CEO and Co-founder, Takeoff360

Focusing on the customer experience

Takeoff360 succeeded in knowing who their customer is and keeping their needs at top of mind when developing the functionality of the app. According to the Forrester Report Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2015, digital experiences in 2015 — and beyond that — should focus on customers being at the center of the design process and having greater control over how their personal experiences play out. With the Takeoff360 app, users can scroll through photos of available aircrafts and filter searches by aircraft type, trip duration, and price. They can book their flight and make secure payments via Paypal, credit card, or wire transfer — all through the app. The app also integrates with Uber, to allow customers to book transportation to and from the airport. At no point during the process do customers need to leave the app — their experience is end to end and fast.

The key ingredients to a customer-centric app

In her report, Forrester analyst Allegra Burnette outlines what will be included in future digital customer experiences. For companies looking to develop or do a redesign, these ingredients should certainly be added to the app recipe:

  • Customizable – To make an app truly customer-centric, users should be able to customize it to fit their personal use.
  • Convenient – Just as Takeoff360’s customers never have to leave the app to complete their booking, convenient apps make it possible for users to have a complete experience with as little hassle as possible.
  • Fast – Speed and convenience go hand-in-hand. The more quickly and easily customers can utilize your app, the more likely they are to use it again in the future.
  • Inclusive – Customers like to feel like they are part of the development process, so check in with them regularly and find out what they like/don’t like and how you can improve their experience.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into this subject, you can download our eBook: Develop a Better Mobile App Faster or check out our AppXpress page


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