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June 14, 2013 Appirio

We’re kicking off a new blog series where we highlight the most interesting articles about enterprise technology we read during the week. Please tweet us (@appirio) or let us know in comments if we miss anything big. And yes, the omission of iOS7 articles this week is entirely intentional!
Forrester blog, 6/10/2013
Summary: Predicting that service providers will play a big role as integrators of smart process apps, this blog post discusses how in order to fill the gaps between current and future application requirements, service providers like Accenture (with Accenture CAS), IBM (with Emptoris), and Infosys (with Infosys BrandEdge) are acquiring and developing their own IP-based solutions.
Our Take: System integration is definitely evolving from labor-based models to IP-based models. We’re also excited about the role crowdsourcing will play both in creating IP-based solutions and in changing the labor model.
Forbes, 6/10/2013
Summary: While cloud computing has many advantages, too few organizations weigh the long-term impact of over-reliance on vendors providing cloud services. The goal of cloud computing should be to reduce dependence on vendors — but the opposite seems to be happening.
Our Take: Lock-in is something that is always talked about as an drawback of cloud computing but are you really any less locked in with an on-premise solution from Oracle or SAP?
ZDNet, 6/10/2013
Summary: Cloud Technology Partner has launched a private beta of PaaSLane, a SaaS tool that evaluates application source code and checks for compatibility and compliance with a number of commercial PaaS solutions including Cloud Foundry, Stackato, Apprenda, Oracle IaaS and others. Once fully tested, this could potentially eliminate up to 25% of migration costs.
Our Take: Interesting technology but “lifting and shifting” an existing app as is may be missing the point about cloud platforms. Cloud platforms should enable you to rethink your business processes not just incrementally improve them.
ZDNet, 6/12/2013
Summary: In a new study, Microsoft surveyed small and mid sized businesses using the cloud and found that 94% of those surveyed said they gained security benefits, 75% reported improved service reliability compared with their previous option, and biggest benefit reported by these users was time saved managing IT infrastructure.
Our Take: This is almost exactly what we found in our cloud adopter survey from 2010. Those who have actually used cloud solutions find them to be more secure, reliable and flexible than on-premise solutions while those who haven’t have many fears!
Forbes, 6/13/2013
Summary: After Adobe’s recent announcement to move its Creative Suite of applications to the cloud, many are curious about how the cloud is boosting the marketing industry. Forbes examines how marketing and the cloud are creating big opportunities for marketing experts, highlighting customer accessibility, creative creation, and CRM.
Our Take: Marketing technology is certainly one of the hottest areas right now, as evidenced by Salesforce’s $2.5B ExactTarget acquisition and Marketo’s IPO. There’s a lot of noise in the market right now and it’s important to ask the right questions to understand which technologies can really enable your marketing team.

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