NRF 2019: Where to Eat and Drink Around Javits

January 9, 2019 Charlsie Niemiec

New York City skyline against a setting sun in the background

Sing it with us now: “New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of/There’s nothing you can’t do,” as we pack for the National Retail Federation’s 2019 Big Show in New York City, January 13-15. With NRF right around the corner, Appirio has been discussing our favorite places in the Big Apple — many of which are a short walk or Uber ride away from NRF’s location - the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. 

If you’re looking for delicious coffee that isn’t Starbucks…

A latte in a white teacup resting on a white saucer

Head to Old Country Coffee, which is just a six-minute walk from the convention center. Known for its “old country taste with new world taste,” this is the perfect local coffee shop to get your daily dose of much-required caffeine. Not only does Old Country Coffee offer up a wide variety of coffee selections, but they also have everything from waffles to Nicoise salad. 

If you’re looking for something sweet to enjoy after a long day at NRF…

Rainbow cake with whipped cream between each layer

The super popular Milk Bar brand is just a short taxi ride away from the Javits Center. Located in Midtown, Milk Bar is known for its world-famous Birthday Cake, cake truffles, and “Crack Pie.” If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for something to make you say “yum” after a long day in sessions, Milk Bar is 100% your best bet for a delicious experience. 

If you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet…

The Hudson River in New York City and the Manhattan skyline at sunset

Conventions can be exhausting, but luckily NRF’s Big Show is located just a few blocks from the Hudson River, which could be a perfect place to sit back and relax. Head east outside of the Javits Center on West 34th St towards 12th Avenue and viola — you will run into Pier 78. Whether you want to sit for a while or just take a quick detour to marvel at the Hudson, it’s just a 10-minute walk from the Javits Center. 

If you’re looking to get artsy…

A bold abstract oil painting with intense blues, purples, oranges, yellows and greens

Yes, you’re headed to NRF to learn all about retail trends in 2019, but if you’re an art buff and have a little spare time... why not visit the New York Museum of Contemporary Art? A five-minute walk from the Javits Center, the New York Museum of Contemporary Art, is known for its bold paintings and unique collections. 

If you’re looking to have a lunch to remember…

Lunch featuring beet hummus greens, avocado and watermelon radish

Hungry? Head to Friedman’s — a contemporary spot specializing in local, seasonal foods with a plethora of gluten-free options. Whether you’re looking for avocado toast or something hardier like fried chicken and cheddar waffles, Friedman’s has quite the variety. Located at 450 10th Ave, Friedman’s is a delicious five-minute walk from the Javits Center. Bon appetit!

If you’re looking to wine down…

A group of women toasting wine glass and drinking rose, red, and white wine

Look no further than Ardesia Wine Bar. A 16-minute walk or a seven-minute taxi ride, Ardesia Wine Bar is the perfect spot to ‘wine down’ after a long day at NRF 2019. With a huge wine menu, amazing happy hour deals, beer, cocktails, and dessert — you can’t go wrong at this chic spot. 

If you’re looking for a fancy dinner to end your day…

Fancy steak and gourmet ingredients and artisan bread for a fancy dinner

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation at The Stinger. Located at 300 West 44th Street inside the Intercontinental Hotel, this cocktail bar and full kitchen offer up a fine dining experience that will certainly give you a very New York City experience. If you like comfort food with bespoke cocktails, you'll love this menu. 

While NRF’s Big Show has a lot to offer, so do the surrounding areas of the Javits Center — lucky for you, you’ll never have to search too far for what you’re looking for. Whether ethnic food is your thing or you’re a diehard whiskey aficionado, virtually anything you want will be a quick walk or taxi ride away.

Winona Room at Tanner Smith's speakeasy, restaurant and bar in Midtown New York

And most importantly... stop by Tanner Smith's for good food and drinks and to 'talk shop' with our retail experts. Spaces are limited, so Register Now

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