NYSE Euronext: A CRM Success Story

June 5, 2014 John Gorup


When a large portion of the global economy flows through your platform, you gain an appreciation for complexity. NYSE Euronext is a very complex company. Their platform includes 70 of the largest 100 Global Corporations, and 90% of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, making them a global leader in stock listings. And stock listings are just a part of what they do.

The task of choosing and implementing a CRM system is difficult for any organization. NYSE Euronext faced this challenge methodically, and ultimately chose Salesforce.com as the platform and Appirio as their implementer. In our NYSE Success Story video below, you’ll hear from some of the key stakeholders at NYSE about their journey of choosing and implementing Salesforce.

At Appirio, we pride ourselves on the methodology and technology we bring to implementations. While these things are great, ultimately, it was culture and collaboration that lead to a successful CRM implementation at the NYSE. It is a culture focused on quick problem solving that allowed a project slated for a 12-month implementation to be refactored to fit in six months. NYSE now has a world-class CRM, which allows their representatives to serve their customers better than ever.

Learn more: appirio.com/salesforce

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