On the Road with Google

November 8, 2012 Appirio

By David Salyers

I’ve been attending my fair share of conferences recently, and have had the opportunity to see a number of different presentations from Google executives – on topics ranging from how they’re building out their own ecosystem to general trends they see impacting businesses. One of my favorites was Michael Lock’s presentation at Dreamforce, The 7 Cloud Facts you Can’t Afford to Ignore.  For those who weren’t able to attend, here’s quick summary:

  1. Consumer technology is beating the pace of business technology
  2. Cloud is about having access to infinite compute power
  3. Mobile Cloud is the fastest growing technology ever
  4. Social technologies are transforming businesses
  5. The physical world is being recreated virtually
  6. “Faux Clouds” are confusing the marketplace 
  7. Cloud is revolutionizing IP procurement + budgeting

As one of Google’s top partners over the last five years, it’s not surprising to us that Google is a major player in each of these areas. However, too many people that I talk to still consider Google to be primarily an advertising/search provider. The truth is that Google has evolved into a cloud computing powerhouse that should be front-and-center to any organization’s transformation or innovation efforts.

For those readers here who aren’t familiar with Google’s advances in the enterprise, here’s a quick homework assignment for you.

1.  Take an inside view of Google’s data centers. These photographs and video were recently unveiled to the world for the first time last month.  The size and scale of the infrastructure, computing power, network capacity and storage capabilities that Google has put in place are orders of magnitude larger than anything I personally imagined. Next time you’re thinking about standing up your own environment to create an app, or whether Google can support the scale of your global enterprise, remind yourself about they’ve created.

2.  Educate yourself on the Google Cloud Platform. This platform provides you with infinite compute power and infrastructure to build your own business applications (think back to those data center pictures), create websites,and store and analyze data without needing a single server of your own.  Google’s Cloud Platform is much different than Amazon Web Services and Force.com – all three platforms have pros and cons depending on your requirements so consider it if you’re evaluating PaaS as an option.

3.  Get to know Google’s consumer products. A large percentage of you and your employees use these products in your personal life, and with the consumerization of IT, more often than not, these products and services are being brought back into your business.

4.  Educate yourself on Google Enterprise, and not just Gmail. Google Enterprise is a substantial enterprise software company within the much larger Google. The division’s mission is to take Google’s consumer products and add the features, controls, and service level agreements that make them applicable across an entire enterprise. Google’s Enterprise offerings from email and calendar to their industry leading collaboration and social products are already being used by millions of businesses, including some of the largest in the world.

5.  If you need help, let us know at cloud@appirio.com.  We have experienced cloud advisors and Google experts on three continents that can help you review your business objectives and needs, and work hand in hand with you to determine a path forward to greater innovation and business transformation.

David Salyers is Vice President of Google Sales at Appirio, and plays a key role in helping customers maximize the impact of Google technologies in their business.  He is based in Chicago and has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Follow him on Twitter at @davesalyers.

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