Our 10 Favorite Apps On The Salesforce AppExchange

March 27, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

– Franz Kafka

Companies should always look for ways to boost productivity. A large part of nudging that company yield consists of improving the overall health and utilization of the Salesforce organization. And one sure-fire way to guide and magnify all business developments is through easy-to-use software and services. Rather than building solutions from scratch, leaders turn to the Salesforce AppExchange for the best apps — because they’re built to integrate with Salesforce, and given the stamp of approval by other users.

“When working with a client to understand their requirements, we take an AppExchange-first approach. If there’s a requirement not met by standard Salesforce functionality, we search the AppExchange to see if we can find any potential solutions,” said Mike Martin, Solution Architect at Appirio. To help you decide what AppExchange developments often work best, we’ve put together this list of ten of our favorite apps, in no particular order.

FormAssembly, by Veer West LLC

FormAssembly uses web forms to auto-fill important data, communicate necessary information, and collect vital statistics. This SaaS app accommodates Salesforce and a broad range of third-party systems. According to one user, the app “improves [almost] every aspect of our Salesforce implementation, including user adoption, data integrity, admin workload reduction.

GetFeedback, Surveys for Salesforce

We suggest using GetFeedback for every business. With this handy app, you can build surveys directly into Salesforce, which then triggers a series of communications to the customer through Chatter and email for their feedback. These surveys are simple to build, brand, and utilize. GetFeedback also creates reports and analytics from customer responses.

Cloud Metrics, by Appirio

If your Salesforce deployments are taking longer than they used to or it’s becoming more difficult to troubleshoot issues, then Cloud Metrics might be for you. This app analyzes Salesforce metrics — like configurations, customizations, and administrative complexities — and delivers a report that helps you identify the most critical factors when it comes to managing your Salesforce environment. It also helps objectively educate business stakeholders on making tradeoff decisions on feature requests, or to help determine where to fund necessary platform investments to ensure the environment is cost effective and agile enough to keep pace with the speed of business change.


Rollup Helper, by Passage Technology

The ears of every admin, business analyst, and developer have suddenly perked up at the idea of an app that creates a roll-up sequence for any set of data — like numbers, text, and even multiple currencies. Rollup Helper cuts down on hours of custom coding, while supporting lookups, rolling-date based roll-ups, cross object filters and roll-ups, formulas, and hierarchies. One reviewer declared this app is “A great solution for the quick create issues for contacts – saving me so much time! The team were great and helped me set it all up on the free version.” And Rollup assists with pinpointing the data you need in any AppExchange app.


Use either phone or messenger to communicate with the Slack app. Through it, users work with one centralized messaging hub to send messages from Chatter or any Slack app. One reviewer  says Slack is a no-brainer, since it is “a logical partnership with a seamless integration and instant value-add.” Before running, download both the Salesforce Integration app in the Slack App Directory, and the Slack app on AppExchange.

Cloud Sync, by Appirio

Streamline Salesforce and Google into one simple app … with Cloud Sync. Integrate Google and Salesforce calendars, contacts, and administration capabilities. (Or, choose between syncing up just contacts or just calendar.) Additionally, you can create a filter for specific events or contacts between Google and Salesforce. One reviewer gushes, “I use Cloud Sync for both calendars and contacts. This allows me to also have all the contacts on my (Android) cell phone synced instantly. Well worth the low price.”


We love Geopoint because it offers so much in map optimization. Proximity searches, boundary layers, territory management, check-ins, demographics, and advanced routing are all key features of the Geopointe mapping app. One user said that this app “is clearly a fantastic tool for anyone doing sales! For our team to be able to visualize their territories on a map overlaid with past production data has allowed them to maximize their travel budgets through targeting areas of growth. And then keep using the tool to plan their routes and record activities is an added time saver. ” Dig deeper into this mapping function by importing U.S. Census data and overlaying KML, KMZ, and GeoRSS.

Conga Composer

Conga Composer simplifies creating and editing documents. Use Conga to review any presentation, Word, Excel, HTML, or PDF document. Because it is a Salesforce app, it utilizes Salesforce metrics, making insight tracking second nature. Additional features within the app include Conga Mail Merge, Conga Conductor, and Conga Workflow. One AppExchange reviewer affirmed that he “know[s] of no better way to automate emails and produce documents.”

DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign holds almost 70 percent of the market in e-Signatures, with over 100,000 customers and 100 million users. Chances are, you’ve already used DocuSign before reading this article. “The DocuSign integration with SalesForce has made it easier to send, execute, and track contracts that don’t normally require edits,” said one DocuSign user. Track where any agreement is in the approval process from any platform and on any device.

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Id be remiss if I didnt mention FinancialForce PSA in this list. Appirio developed and sold the first version of the application to FinancialForce back in 2010, when it was called “Professional Services Enterprise” (PSE). Since then, FinancialForce has continuously enhanced the tool, giving organizations the power to manage projects, teams, marketing, and sales metrics with ease. The FinancialForce PSA app can help you grow revenue, improve profit margins, and even deliver a project on time.

When all’s said and done, we think these apps will help you run your Salesforce organization — and your business — like a well-oiled machine.  When looking into finding the best app to catapult your company into success, take Jarrod Kingston’s advice. Kingston, a Solution Architect at Appirio suggests keeping these three things in mind: “cost, scalability, and functionality.”

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