Our crowd in the cloud is growing – 11,500+ strong

June 28, 2011 Appirio

Narinder Singh

A little more than 100 days ago, we launched CloudSpokes – a cloud development community where businesses can tap specialized development talent and pay for results, and where developers can cultivate their talents and compete for cash and recognition.  A few months ago we talked about CloudSpokes’ initial momentum and some of the early output from this community. The early results we saw encouraged us that our initiative to bring crowdsourcing to cloud development had legs and we’re even more impressed with what it’s done more recently.

Today, we’re excited to share this graphic to communicate our public 100 day check-up for CloudSpokes, highlighting four major areas – community, contests, code and cash. Most notable is the community’s achievement to hit 10,000+ members in only 100 days. In the weeks after we took this 100 day snapshot, the community continued to grow, picking up more than 1,500 new members.

The early success we’re seeing bringing the cloud and crowd together is just that.  We have high expectations to move forward with new tools, means of collaboration and developer initiatives to exponentially expand the breadth and breadth our growing group. In addition CloudSpokes is attracting participation from the likes of VMware, Twilio, Docusign, Isidorey, with even more coming soon.  We’re also using it to run challenges on behalf of some of our customers, and are seeing great results.

For those of you who are unsure about what exactly CloudSpokes is, take a look at the introductory video that we crowdsourced via Tongal. Thank you to all of those who have joined us, and for those who haven’t, it’s never too late.  Go to www.cloudspokes.com to get started!

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