Appirio Launches PURVUE: Plan, Predict, and Measure Value

October 27, 2020 Yoni Barkan

We are proud to announce the release of Appirio PURVUE, our latest product. PURVUE was developed by our own Product & Innovation and Digital Strategy teams and experts from North America, South Asia, and other Appirio locations around the world. Its purpose: to transform the way businesses and organizations measure value.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is identifying and delivering the initiatives that provide the most value. PURVUE is a tool designed to enable enterprise customers to plan investments, predict the impact, and measure the value of those investments. It empowers companies to strategically transform their organizations and tactically optimize specific business functions.

Did you know that 73% of business leaders say customer experience (CX) is critical to their business success? And 89% of CX professionals state that the ROI of their CX is not well established in their companies – in other words, they don’t have a way to measure ROI. The inability to measure ROI results in the majority of digital transformation projects failing to deliver their expected benefits. 

PURVUE solves these issues by providing an overview of projects, budgets, and outcomes so you can effectively measure ROI or other vital metrics. It will empower your organization to optimize specific business functions that are core to your success, profitability, and growth. How? It guides you to drive actionable solutions that focus on the real-world factors that drive that success: 

  • With visibility into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, PURVUE’s capability-centric model enables strategic planning of business objectives.
  • It provides transparency into the drivers that enable your stakeholders to prioritize solutions that generate the most value.
  • It reconciles outcomes against your KPIs to validate your business investments, by utilizing innovative ways of recognizing value.

With PURVUE, your teams can work together, decide new policies, improve business operations, and measure the impact of your investments.

How it works

Appirio PURVUE features a capability scorecard that lets you quickly assess your organization's competencies and deficiencies as they relate to your capabilities and defined benchmarks. The system is fully configurable to match your organization’s existing lexicon, and its intuitive navigation allows easy filtering into focus areas and specific business units.

A maturity progress function enables the identification of pain points and helps guide solution decisions. This facilitates value-based comparisons to help you forecast and measure against your business goals. You can include comparisons of the relationships between your processes and capabilities to uncover inefficiencies and establish benchmarks.

Lastly, PURVUE features governance and tracking features that measure the impact of maturing your capabilities. You’ll be able to create programs and projects that align initiatives with budgets, operating costs, enterprise architecture, process taxonomy, and other foundational elements.

Our team is very proud of this new, cutting-edge product. Curious to know more? Sign up for a no-obligation demo by completing our contact form or check out the listing on the Salesforce Appexchange.

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Yoni Barkan

Yoni Barkan is Appirio’s VP of Products and Innovation and loves to explore new ways to leverage cloud solutions to close the experience gap. Yoni’s work has been focused within the CRM space since 2003 and includes projects ranging from education to manufacturing to government. He spent many years documenting scope, building timelines, allocating resources and pricing projects with Estimator. Yoni now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn (the land of strollers and dogs), with his two children, lovely wife, and cuddly little 85-pound pit bull. He was born, raised, and educated in California. (Go Bears!)

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