Release Notes: Appirio Professional Service Essentials – V 1.1

January 29, 2009 Appirio

Appirio PS Essentials leverages’s On-Demand Platform to offer core PSA functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Appirio Professional Service Essentials – Version 1.1

Added Functionality:

Project Planner Created!

  • Now available – Project-Centric Planner for Assignments, showing Projects on the left-side pane that can be drilled into (this is the inverse of the Resource Planner, which is Resource-Centric)
  • Resources can now be assigned to a Project in the drill-down
  • The Resource layout now contains an embedded “Assignments Control”
  • The Project layout now contains an embedded “Assignments Control”
  • Added global PS Config wrapper Apex methods
  • Added more configuration functionality to Assignments for Timecards via PSE Config values
  • Added a configurable trigger to prevent duplicate Resources being created for the same Salesforce user (currently Timecard and Expense UIs rely on there being no more than one Resource per User)
  • Added a “Allow Timecards without Assignments” checkbox to the Project object (checking the checkbox enables Timecards to be entered for these Projects as “Global Projects”)

Known Issues Addressed:

  • Addressed a Resource Planner Flex issue that was causing left (Resource) panel to come up blank on certain actions

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