’s Apex Platform Officially ‘Open For Businesses’ – Incubator Media Day Highlights the Apex Platform and the Partners Building

April 23, 2007 Appirio

Today announced that customers can independently purchase their On-Demand Platform (Apex), without CRM. This announcement formalizes the direction has moved towards over the past year.  In past blogs, we have discussed the substantial advantages of Apex as the first on-demand development platform. The announcement of the pricing model marks the Apex platform as officially being “open for business.”

For current customers and those understanding the structural advantages of on-demand, this announcement will be immediately relevant. Customer can quickly expand their investment into any related area.  For others, they can independently leverage the capabilities of as a development platform, without making a CRM decision. 

ISVs and Services 2.0 partners are an important constituent in the proliferation of an on-demand development platform.  This announcement provides the pricing clarity needed for these partners to use the Apex platform to build entire businesses on – even those unrelated to CRM.

On Tuesday (April 24), will host the first ever Incubator Media Day to showcase the work of its partners and their plans for leveraging the platform. As we have written previously, the Incubator represents a broader shift in the market that impacts the entire market. The Incubator, idea exchange, and’s approach fosters an open and transparent market for partners. Just an open economy and strong infrastructure lowers transaction costs and increases output for countries, an open ecosystem and the Apex platform will do the same for all business applications.

We at Appirio are excited about the future of on-demand software development.  We’ve turned a corner –a multi-tenant, open and robust, on-demand platform that allows the community of tens of thousands of partners and customers to build on top of it will lead to incredible innovation in the market.  Over the next year, we expect the Apex platform to experience the same meteoric rise previously reserved for’s CRM offering. 


The Incubator – Dressed Up for Media Day

The final touches on the Incubator were completed last week. A full house of occupants, company logos, new decorations and the game room were just a few of the changes. Below are a few pictures of the cubes, gameroom, halls, and decorations. Click any of the images for a closer view.

cubes gameroom hall gameroom hut

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