Survey Your Way to a Better Customer Experience with Medallia

April 30, 2015 Appirio

By Atisha Sharma

You’re in business to provide a service or sell a product to customers and drive growth. But how do you know whether customers are pleased with your business? A simple solution is to conduct surveys. Surveys are an easy way to find out whether customers are happy with your business and its offerings. Unfortunately though, surveys don’t always tell you what the specific problem areas are or where there’s an opportunity for growth. And if a survey does address the gaps, the results don’t always translate into an actionable business plan. The truth is, most surveys are basic. They only let you know what’s working and what isn’t. They don’t chart the ways in which your business needs to improve or map out a plan of action.

Enter Medallia, an operational customer experience management system. Medallia helps businesses create and send surveys, collect the responses, and run analytics on data. Then it transforms the data into “actionable items” for every employee — be it a frontline agent, his supervisor, or someone in senior management. Better yet, all of this happens in real time.

Say you’re a company involved in the direct selling of goods through a chain of stores across a region or country. Through actionable surveys, Medallia can help you learn about store employees and the stores themselves. After Medallia sends out the surveys, they generate useful information from the responses and share the data with employees. Perhaps most importantly though, there’s a method to the way Medallia shares data across your company; it doesn’t just dump all of that information on employees. Data which is relevant to a user is shared with that user. For instance, a frontline agent can learn what they need to improve and how they’re doing with respect to their peers. With this kind of role-specific feedback, employees can serve customers in the most effective manner.

However, senior management may not be interested in those minute details. Chances are they want to look at the big picture. In this case, they’re provided information like overall Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer profiling, store rankings, and other forms of high-level input. Senior management can see what stores with higher rankings are doing differently and provide less successful stores with insightful feedback.

As Medallia says, “Put the voice of your customer in every decision you make.” And through this process, Medallia empowers businesses to provide a consistent brand experience to all customers. That’s why Appirio has partnered with Medallia — to develop strategies and solutions together that provide companies with essential customer experience data. We all understand that the best way to keep a customer happy is to listen to them. Equally important is the ability to take action based on those findings in order to improve the customer experience.

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