Technology Giving You a Headache? Pull Out the Nail

October 10, 2017 Latané Conant

If you’ve haven’t seen this video, check it out; it’s pretty funny. The woman has a nail in her head and is complaining to a man (presumably, her partner) about her headaches. He wants her to take the nail out of her head and solve the problem. She just wants him to listen: “It’s not about the nail.”

At Appirio, we talk a lot about how when it comes to business transformation, it’s never just about the technology. Technology can only get you so far. You need a strategy, need to know where to focus, need to think about change management. However … sometimes it is about the nail. If your technology sucks, it’s about the nail.

If you’re emailing attachments back and forth — it’s about the nail.

If you’re forecasting in spreadsheets — it’s about the nail.

If you can’t get real-time reports — it’s about the nail.

If people have to fill out paper forms — it’s about the nail.

If your workers can’t collaborate in real time — it’s about the nail.

Just pull out the nail

Cloud apps are getting easier and easier to deploy, and the workforce is ready to work differently. Average interaction workers spend about 28 percent of the workweek managing email, and almost 20 percent of their time tracking down information or help, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report. That’s insane!

In today’s digital era, metabolizing work faster than your competition is key, and has a huge impact on your customer and worker experiences. A few things I think about when talking to our clients about increasing productivity:

  • Today’s workforce is mobile and geographically diverse. Give people the anytime/anywhere access they need to get their work done and feel connected to the organization.
  • Think about forms of communication other than the “in-person meeting” (i.e., chat, social platforms, video hangouts).
  • Put real-time data in front of everyone. This allows for better, more informed decision-making, and cuts out wasted time searching through data that is old or irrelevant. (You want to know how the pipeline is trending? Just look at this dashboard. No need for 10 slides and three conference calls.)
  • Embrace real-time collaboration. (G Suite is a game-changer for this.) No more version confusion; it all happens live.

So it’s not always about the nail — but if it is — just pull it out. I promise the headache goes away.

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