Test Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

May 30, 2018 Jessica Vogler

Did you know that the cost of fixing an issue can be 10x higher once your Workday solution is in production rather than during your deployment? So why not incorporate testing throughout your process? 

Quality Engineering Testing is rushing to the forefront as a mission-critical step in deployment, adoption, and ongoing operational excellence. Because of that, Appirio is seeing a new trend in HCM deployments, where more companies are looking for an independent testing partner. But there are obstacles to overcome — like resource constraints, a lack of expertise in Workday testing, and no access to accelerators. Appirio serves to fill a niche where testing services and Workday knowledge meet. 

Testing is vital to the process

We know it can be intimidating to go-live on a solution you’ve spent a lot of time and money working on. And while testing may not be the most glamorous step in the implementation process, it is, quite possibly, the most important. 

Can you imagine asking your employees to use a new system that isn’t working correctly? Once your employees have a frustrating experience, it’s hard to get them re-engaged. Incorporating Quality Engineering Testing throughout your deployment will help you avoid aggravating your employees,  while also bypassing low user adoption. 

Not only does testing ensure that Workday is performing the way you expect it to, it affords your team the opportunity to learn your newly configured and implemented Workday solution through real-time, hands-on scenarios. This gives your team more confidence in handling the ins and outs of your newly updated Workday solution — providing peace of mind at go-live and beyond. 

Save time and budget with automation

Much of the time, budget limits affect how much time an organization dedicates to testing their implementation. According to Kainos, with Testing Automation, you can save up to 80 percent of the manual effort involved. Most importantly, these test scenarios are repeatable. 

Today, automated testing does not require scripting with heavy technical maintenance. Instead, they are configured and maintained by the support teams. Automated testing provides more robust auditing options, in order to meet compliance requirements. Thus, any industry of any size can benefit from using automation testing tools since it reduces risk while also reducing the resources required to run testing scenarios. 

Appirio, a leader in testing

Appirio is backed by Wipro, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Testing for the past four years. Combine Wipro’s deep knowledge of testing with Appirio’s certified resources, automation tools, and Workday expertise — it make us the right partner for your testing needs. We bridge the gaps between IT and HR teams, and between the customer and implementation teams, to ensure that you get a quality deployment. 

So, to sum it up: Testing throughout your deployment means fewer issues, better user adoption, and added backend knowledge. In the end, testing results in money saved and a smooth Go-Live. Keep it simple: test yourself before you wreck yourself. 

To learn more about Appirio and our capabilities please visit our Resource Hub. For more information on how your company can benefit from partnering with Appirio visit our Solutions Page.

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