The Benefits of Mobile Engagement for Your Organization

June 24, 2015 Jiordan Castle

mobile engagement

Early last year, multinational conglomerate Honeywell turned to Appirio for help creating a mobile app in order to modernize their customer engagement. Thanks to Appirio’s talented global crowd, Honeywell had a working prototype of a mobile app for its cloud-based facility monitoring and management service just 10 weeks later. Ultimately, Honeywell was able to drive engagement internally and externally with a mobile app — something user-friendly that could seamlessly transform data into actionable feedback.

Two of the greatest perks of a mobile app are the ability to leverage internal talent from anywhere and the ability to accelerate speed to market. Forrester report Secure And Protect Mobile Moments describes the current global shift toward mobile as happening “not only with powerful customers who have incredibly high expectations, but with the empowered employees of your enterprise who demand to use any mobile app or cloud service to better serve them.” Here we’ll explore the role of mobility in engaging today’s workforce and why mobile apps are taking priority.

Mobile apps do more than replace legacy technology

The Forrester report Build Mobile Apps That Drive Engagement explains that although nearly 2 billion people will have smartphones and tablets by the end of 2015, “mobility is not simply another device for developers to support via a shrunken website or a screen-scraped SAP application.” Mobile has become a part of everyday life — the preferred way for people to not only communicate with friends, but also with businesses — and organizations need systems that provide a mobile-first approach.

The move to mobile is bigger than our primary device changing from computer to smartphone/tablet; Forrester says that the shift to mobile is “like the move from mainframes to client/server or from client/server to the Web. Development leaders need to understand how customer adoption of mobile computing is changing business models and requiring a new class of software: systems of engagement.” These systems of engagement help businesses provide their customers, partners, and employees with more control — all with the development of context-aware apps and smart products.

Employee-centric systems save time and money

It’s simple: workers want technology that makes working easier and more enjoyable. And organizations want technological solutions that work, but don’t cost a fortune. Fortunately, opting for cloud-based systems can save your organization money because you’re not paying to install, run, or maintain servers or software. And employees benefit from app-based systems that can connect them to anyone or any data within the organization in just a few clicks.

By employing technology based on employees’ needs, you get happier, more productive employees. Just as mobile apps on smartphones and tablets have helped make shopping and communicating more efficient on a consumer level, portals on portable devices help employees work more efficiently and stay connected anytime, anywhere.

When the mobile movement began, it was about streamlining the usual HR and admin functions (like accessing email and requesting PTO). But while mobile development is still focused on increasing efficiency and empowering end-users, employees now require mobile access to CRM systems and other business-specific apps to succeed at work. Today when we talk about the importance of mobility, we’re really talking about the importance of mobile apps — for employees and the customers they serve.


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