The First 30 Days on the Job: Make It or Break It

October 24, 2016 Appirio

By Erin Lively

The sage wisdom of Andie Anderson and her guide, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, taught us how to expertly end a relationship in record time. The key takeaway: a stage five clinger will send any relatively sane person running. No tactic is off limits; create collages of your nonexistent children on family vacations, befriend his mother, or move your belongings into his apartment without permission. In this context, we understand that planning the long term before both parties have agreed to a serious relationship is absolutely nuts.


First impressions and the get-to-know-you stage are the foundation for any great relationship. But as employers, we’re often guilty of adopting this “plan the wedding before the first date” mentality with our new hires and prospective employees. Our hope for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship can cloud our judgment. Just because someone has taken an interest in your company does not mean they are completely sold. As an employer, you have to prove you are worth the investment… and first impressions are everything.

In the first month on the job, the employer-employee relationship encounters 3 defining milestones: recruitment, onboarding, and training. These 30 days are make-or-break, and an optimized Worker Experience is crucial in getting your employees to commit. The easiest way to wow employees is to make their life easier at work. Keeping the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes simple by minimizing required time and effort on their part with cloud-based tools like Cornerstone lets employees focus on what matters most: contributing to your company.


The application process can be a taxing and time-consuming experience. As an applicant, you’re taken through a series of familiar questions such as, “Are you eligible to work in the United States?” While answering is intuitive, the process of completing the forms is typically not. Applicants spend unnecessary time navigating talent acquisition software. This is where employee dissatisfaction begins.


Cornerstone’s streamlined user interface reduces the time spent on the application process by providing a user-friendly experience. Providing a great Worker Experience from the first point of contact puts you on the right path to building successful long-term relationships with employees.


Sometimes the onboarding experience feels like a psychological experiment. How many times can you possibly write your address and social security number? Cornerstone provides a user- and administrator-friendly experience by reducing the collection of unnecessary information by storing all onboarding tools on its cloud-based platform and allowing employers to create custom forms tailored to their specific needs. With a single email, HR specialists can link new hires to onboarding tools like direct deposit and tax forms.



The first few weeks on a job can feel like being the new kid in school. You’re unfamiliar with the company’s processes and have no knowledge of inside information. To help acclimate employees and make this transition smoother, Cornerstone offers pre-built and custom-build training course options. Administrators can track who has completed courses and who is taking courses, while workers can easily view and complete their to-do list.

Learn how Cornerstone can set your Worker Experience apart not only during an employee’s first 30 days, but every day after.

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