The Merits of Cloud Management – A Customer Q&A with Glocap Search

May 16, 2011 Appirio

By Sara Campbell

Customer stories are by far the best way to explain how cloud technology is changing the face of business. Today, I’m excited to share an interview with Christina Guerland from Glocap Search, a recent recipient of Appirio’s Cloud Pioneer Award which recognizes the change agents and champions inside our customer base who are making a real impact on their businesses with cloud solutions.

Glocap is a premier search firm dedicated to serving the specialized recruiting needs of clients in various industries. The company turned to Appirio to deploy multiple applications on the platform, and to help maintain and continuously improve those systems post-implementation. Christina is a vice president at Glocap and works directly with the CEO on a myriad of firm-wide projects.

Q: What business problem was Glocap Search trying to solve?
A: We were looking to replace our multi-faceted proprietary recruiting system. We had a desire to outsource the ornery aspects of ongoing system maintenance and, at the same time, leverage software that was specific to our needs yet still highly customizable.

Q: Why did you choose cloud platforms for your core recruiting engine?
A: After many months of research we found cloud solutions to be the most flexible. Given the “openness” of the cloud, we felt confident that we would be able to accomplish all future objectives that may become a high priority. For example, we have a strong desire to connect our “front end” recruiting application with our “back end” accounting and believe this can be tackled in a future project.

Q: Why did you choose Appirio?
A: Appirio was recommended to us by Appirio shared their expertise and helped us evaluate all solutions we were considering; the team worked diligently to identify any gaps between our then-current system and the prospects to ensure proper vetting and minimize the surprises during implementation. Appirio was our partner throughout the shopping process and ultimately our hand-holders though the entire implementation project. They developed all of the custom code we use and we are also using Appirio’s Cloud Management team for ongoing support and enhancements.

Q: What was the implementation process like?
A: The implementation process was incredibly complex given the nuances of our then-current system and lack of documentation. We were using multiple applications on the platform in addition to custom code written by Appirio to accomplish all of our use cases.

Q: How are you managing the new system in place?
A: I am the primary contact for anything related to our cloud system. This is possible because Appirio’s team is assisting us with feature enhancements and any new development on the platform. We chose to use Appirio’s Cloud Management services because we wanted to be sure to support our users as they adjusted to a brand new system. We also understood that there may have been some aspects we missed in the implementation so we wanted to be able to respond quickly to requests. Appirio’s Cloud Management team helps with the more technical adjustments (workflows, triggers, setup of automated data clean-up processes, updates to visual force pages, etc), freeing up my time to assist the management team and coach our recruiters on using the system for revenue-generating activities.

Q: What advice do you have for others looking to implement/use cloud solutions?
A: I highly encourage others to investigate how a cloud-based solution might work for their business. The options available to you are abundant and will continue to grow. While the process of transitioning from your current system can be nerve-racking, the scalability of adopting a cloud-based solution will be worth the energy.

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