The new way to develop mobile apps – Step 1 Idea to Prototype

June 29, 2015 John Gorup

idea to prototype

Technology doesn’t always make life easier — it sometimes just shifts the majority of the effort to another place. For example, after Henry W. Seeley invented the electric iron, people didn’t spend less time ironing. Since his invention made ironing easier (and less dangerous), people ironed their clothes more often. Neatly ironed clothes were once reserved for special occasions and the wealthy, but now society expected everyone to go out in public in wrinkle-free clothes. This may seem like a silly example, but the important thing to understand is that technology always shifts expectations. And 133 years later, we see this same shift in expectations when it comes to enterprise mobile technology.

Customers and employees now expect organizations to offer mobile experiences. These expectations leave managers and IT teams wondering how to deliver this new reality. The problem with enterprise mobile technology is not a lack of ideas. Every organization can imagine apps that could make life easier for their customers and employees. The problem is also not hardware or software. Each quarter mobile device manufacturers release a device with even more features. On the software side, programming languages like Swift, HTML5, and the various flavors of JavaScript frameworks have made life easier for developers. The main problem is in getting started. Finding an app that resonates with an audience is now the biggest point of failure in the mobile app development process.

To get an easier start to mobile development, Appirio has created AppXpress, a site where anyone can turn an idea into a design mockup or a clickable prototype. The user of AppXpress doesn’t need any special technical expertise. Also, administrative burden is kept to a minimum since there are no contracts or hiring process. AppXpress provides direct access to global design and technical talent. Getting started is as easy as describing what you want to build and providing any creative ideas about branding you have in mind. After you submit your proposal, developers and designers submit their work in a matter of weeks. You are given multiple results, all from different points of view, and you pay only for the best design. Check out how it works.

Michael Dell famously said, “Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.” Anyone thinking about a mobile strategy in a corporate environment can see how this plays out. Ideas about improved performance, happier customers, and smoother operations are everywhere. Testing out those ideas in the field has simply gotten easier. Experimenting with different designs and approaches through crowdsourcing — combined with testing results in the field — will lead to better investments in mobile technology.


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