The Path to Workplace 2020: HR Predictions and Actions for 2014 (Part One)

February 5, 2014 Michael George

workplace 2020At the end of each year, we are often asked, “What do you think is going to happen in the HR and workforce technology industry in the New Year?” To anticipate what will take place in 2014, we looked at 2013 and the industry’s stakeholders. To summarize 2013 in a nutshell, we all experienced—clarity. What we thought would be tech trends, we now know they are here and here to stay. For HR, the function developed a stronger grasp of “what” the technologies are all about. Armed with a greater understanding of today’s technological advancements and upcoming generational shifts, we all have a clear direction as to what we should march towards. We like to think of the move forward as a shift towards Workplace 2020.

Come year 2020, digital natives will be the majority in workplaces around the globe. These digital natives are very different from past generations. Digital natives include individuals who were using iPads at the tender age of three, had cell phones by the age of ten, and used eTextbooks in college. To win the war on talent (that will only become more challenging), enterprises need to understand and take advantage of advanced technologies available today, as well as prepare for what is ahead – Workplace 2020. For 2014, we have in total six predictions and will briefly summarize these predictions in a three-part blog series.

Part One

Prediction: Consumer-Grade Expectations and the Way Work Must Change

Have you ever stopped to think about the unheard of capabilities of technology, especially your devices? When you step back, you realize your phone is now a camera, CD player (or if you want to go back further, a Walkman), VCR, map, deck of cards, and the list can go on and on. The advancements in technology make using devices easy, fast, and fun. As such, why would an employee (especially a digital native) want to use tech tools at work that do not serve multiple purposes and are difficult, slow, and boring??? What HR is starting to realize is that the advanced technologies used by the workforce outside of the enterprise has indeed set the expectation of the technologies the workforce wants within the enterprise. For this year and beyond, we anticipate consumer-grade expectations will play a pivotal role in the selection of HR and workforce technology.

Prediction: Cloud, Mobile, and Social Go Mainstream

For 2014, we predict cloud, mobile, and social technologies with go mainstream. For so many organizations with on-premise systems, it has become clear that these systems are nothing short of a pain and cloud computing is the way to go. As for mobile, we anticipate organizations will begin to think about the best ways to build smart mobile apps and take advantage of their capabilities to achieve business value.

In 2013, many business professionals asked, “Where is this ‘social’ thing going?” Have these professionals lost sight that businesses are social by nature? For 2014, we predict organizations will better understand the “what” – what social technology is all about and will focus on the “how” – how it can be utilized to get work done and improve employee engagement, in turn creating positive business results.

HR, you have an amazing opportunity to reimagine the function. There are advanced tools available to help you make extraordinary contributions to your organizations—for both now and into the future. HR, make 2014 an unforgettable year!

Be on the lookout for part two of our “Path to Workplace 2020” blog series covering both big data and master data management systems!

For our complete 2014 forecast download our 2014 HR Predictions Whitepaper.

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